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  • Blade 150 S RC Helicopter Demo | New Arrivals

    Bite-size 3D powerhouse With such beautiful weather in Adelaide, we had to get out of the office and test fly the new Blade 150 S RC helicopter. Featuring SAFE technology, this brilliant helicopter is perfect for those pilots who are wanting to move from a fixed pitch to a collective pitch heli. With progressive flight modes, you can use this RC helicopter as a collective pitch trainer as well as performing advanced sporty 3D aerobatics. Check out the video above for some footage of the 150 S. The most realistic RC flight simulator yet Flight simulators are a fantastic tool to help you hone your flying skills...

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  • Charged Up

    No matter what area of the hobby you’re into, you are no doubt going to come across times where you will require a charger, so it’s important you understand the process and how best to pick one. What we're going to do today is take you through a range of our Ultra Power chargers, show you how they work and why you would choose one over another. Ultra Power UP616 Charger & Discharger ...

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