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  • Understanding 2.4GHz Radio Frequency

    Understanding 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
    Many transmitters work on 2.4GHz protocols. What is it, and can I use any receiver with any transmitter? The 2.4Ghz band was first introduced to Radio Control by the Spektrum brand with the now famous Spektrum DX7 Transmitter. It replaced ‘crystal’ technology which consisted of the 36, 40 and 27mhz systems that were on a given ‘channel’. There were many reasons for the change, however the most relevant is to allow more available frequencies, or “spots”, for people to operate their models on. The 2.4Ghz offers incredible reliability, the shorter wavelength also brings less signal penetrating power (less range), however, this can be combated with a higher RF (radio frequency) power output which is built into 2.4Ghx Transmitter systems. Longer wavelengths like the old 36, 40 and 27Mhz bands did offer that long wavelength and penetrating power for a relatively low radio-frequency power outputs but...

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  • What is SAFE Technology for RC aircraft?

    What is SAFE Technology for RC aircraft?
    As you are browsing through the Modelflight website you will notice that the newer releases from Horizon Hobby are equipped with a S.A.F.E receiver but what is it exactly? What is for and how do you use it? 1. Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope S.A.F.E technology or (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) came about in 2013 developed by the good folks at Horizon Hobby who essentially wanted to help or assist inexperienced RC pilots gain confidence when flying. The first time we saw SAFE it was partnered with a re-release of arguably the most popular training plane ever sold – The E-Flite Apprentice. This was an absolute game-changer and revolutionized the way we look at the world of trainer aircrafts...

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  • New ARRMA RC Cars at Modelflight

    New and improved 4WD RC bashers from ARRMA We're going to cover a couple of new releases from ARRMA that have just arrived – the Talion and Typhon. They're fantastic and exciting cars, so let's get into it and show you the differences between these 2019 specs and the older cars. The Talion and the Typhon 2019 Spec both have some updates from the previous 2018 version. The most notable updates are the change to a Spektrum radio system and the use of the new IC5 connectors. Like their predecessors, t...

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