Modelflight is an RC Model and RC Hobby Shop. Here are some common questions and answers to help you shop with us. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us here.

How do I place an order?

As you browse the Modelflight online store, you can add products to your shopping cart as you come across them. You can also add products to your shopping cart from the product information pages, spare parts listings and from the home page. Once you have added all the items you wish to purchase to your cart you can then "checkout". Don't forget to login or register so you can start saving up your reward points! Our sales team will receive your order almost instantly and begin processing the order for you. Once the stock has been picked, packed and made ready for dispatch by our warehouse team we will drop you a quick email to confirm what we will be sending to you. If any items are placed on backorder, they will also be listed here to keep you in the loop. The last step in the process is when your purchase leaves our warehouse. At this point we will send you a dispatch notification with tracking details so you can follow your order all the way to your front door!

Can I order something that is Out of Stock or place a Pre-Order?

We only permit orders to be placed on our site for in stock items, or items that are on their way to us from suppliers. That way, we can guarantee stock and give you an approximate date of arrival before we accept your payment. If there is an out of stock, or brand new release item that you wish to order, but it is still not available to do so, you can sign up to be "notified" when this product becomes available for order. The benefit of this is that you don't have to pay for a product without any idea of when it is going to arrive. As soon as it ships to us from our suppliers you will be notified and given the opportunity to order and given an arrival ETA.

What is a backorder?

When you place an order for an item that is not currently in stock, it is placed on backorder. This means that when the item arrives into stock it will be sent to you as soon as it is available. Because we do not want to accept payment from you for goods which we do not have an approximate arrival date for, our website will only allow customers to place items that are already on their way to us on backorder. This allows us to give you confirmed approx arrival dates so you know when your order will arrive.

How do I make a return?

You may return goods we have delivered to you by mail. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 08-8186-4250 initially for further advice or lodge your return online.

You may also contact or visit the Modelflight Store where you collected or purchased your goods, a Modelflight staff member will assist you with any return or repair. This may include inspecting the goods, arranging for the goods to be sent for repair, or providing you with a replacement or credit.

Goods must be returned within a reasonable time. This timeframe may vary from product to product and may depend on the type of product you purchased and the price you paid.

If any goods cannot be easily returned to us, due to their size, or other such circumstance, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will arrange alternative assessment of the goods.

Goods returned for repair will be assessed and/or repaired within a reasonable time. You may be provided with an indicative repair time, which may vary due to reasons beyond ours or the repairer’s reasonable control, such as part availability, incorrect fault description or manufacturer/distributor delay.

You may also be required to pay labour, assessment and/or freight fees, such as where goods are assessed to have been damaged by misuse or accident, or where your rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any manufacturer’s warranty do not apply. We may provide you with an indicative fee, which fee may vary due to reasons beyond our control.

What shipping methods do you use?

At Modelflight, we reserve the right to upgrade your shipping to an overnight service, at no cost to you, where the volume of the goods is below 5kg. We offer standard and express courier options as well as Australia Post. All courier options are insured and will be used whenever possible.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Getting your goods to you safely and swiftly is of utmost importance to us. That is why we use a number of different carriers to ensure we can get your order to you regardless of your address or the size of your order. Delivery charges and the time the order takes to reach you depends upon your location, how much you have purchased, and, what freight method you have selected. So you receive your order as soon as possible, we aim for a maximum of 24 hour turnaround from the moment your order has been received to the order being shipped from our warehouse. There are times when this may stretch out to 48 hours but that is generally a case of items being temporarily out of stock, items at a different location or during peak periods. If items are not in stock, and are placed on backorder, shipping will be delayed until the items have arrived. You will be contacted directly or notified via email in the unlikely occasion that this occurs.

Can I track my order?

We will automatically send you a dispatch notification email when your purchase leaves our warehouse. This email will include tracking information so you can keep up to date with your orders progress until it arrives. If your order is taking longer than expected, then visit the link provided in this email and check the status of the order. If your order is severely overdue please contact our Customer Service Team on (08) 8186 4250 between 9am and 5pm (CST), Monday to Friday. You can also get in touch with our Customer Service Team by contacting us here.

What do ARF, RTF, BNF and PNP all mean ?

We make sure we let you know the completion level of all the model planes and rc helicopters on our website.

ARF means that the kit is Almost-Ready-to-Fly; it still requires some items to complete it. These items are mainly electronics, engines and radio control products like transmitters, receivers, motors, batteries etc.

RTF, or Ready-to-Fly is the highest levelof completion we offer. It means everything you need to get our model in the air is included in the box, usually this even includes AA batteries for the transmitter! This is a great option for beginners or for hobbyists who are looking for a quick and simple option.

BNF, or Bind-N-fly has almost everything you need EXCEPT a transmitter, so you can pair (bind) your purchase with your own Spektrum 2.4GHz radio. We also offer a BNF BASIC option where the battery and charger for the kit is also NOT included. This can give you greater flexibility and options to add your own.

PNP stands for Plug-N-Play, this completion level means that your model comes with everything you need, EXCEPT for a transmitter, receiver, battery and charger.

What is the difference between mode 1 vs mode 2?

It is a pretty common question every prospective RC pilot runs into when he is making the decision to buy his first radio control system, “Should I buy a Mode 1 or Mode 2 transmitter?” In the US, the vast majority of pilots fly on Mode 2 and here in Australia it is Mode 1, but just what does that mean?

The Mode 2 configuration is very similar to the layout in a full-size airplane. The “stick” controls the Aileron and Elevator functions. Rudder is controlled by the “rudder pedals” and the Throttle is controlled with the pilot’s left hand on the side of the cockpit. A Mode 2 RC transmitter controls the aileron (roll) and elevator (pitch) with the right hand, while the rudder (yaw) and throttle are controlled by the pilot’s left hand.

Mode 1 moves the throttle function to the right stick and the elevator control to the left stick. This separates the primary controls so that there is less accidental “mix” when moving one control or the other, as is common with Mode 2. The Mode 1 pilot will be controlling the throttle and aileron with his right hand. The rudder and elevator will be controlled by the left hand.

This discussion of transmitter configurations has been going on since the first RC transmitter was equipped with “sticks” instead of “switches” (some time in the 1960s). In Australia Mode 1 is currently the most popular, but your final decision will likely be based on the recommendation of a friend or instructor pilot.

For more information you can also watch this video clip about mode 1 vs. mode 2:

What is the difference between brushless and brushed motors?

Brushed motors run a DC style power supply. Most brushed motors can be run just by using a standard alkaline battery without a speed controller. Their design is quite simple - power is supplied to the motor via the terminals, it then charges and electromagnet on the in side of the motors shaft which repels it against a magnet on the case of the motor. Each time the motor turns the charge is sent to a different electromagnet on the shaft increasing the speed of the motor. Brushless motors rely heavily on the speed controller telling it where the motor is at. A pulse of power is sent down one of the motor wires and in turn charges the electromagnet. This, like the brushed motor, causes the motor shaft to turn. As power is pushed into one of the wires and used to turn the shaft some power is sent out in order to tell the speed controller when to supply more power and to which phase. Brushless motors also rely heavily on their speed controllers as they contain a micro processor that manages the power and timing of the motor.

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