lipo battery

  • Charged Up

    No matter what area of the hobby you’re into, you are no doubt going to come across times where you will require a charger, so it’s important you understand the process and how best to pick one. What we're going to do today is take you through a range of our Ultra Power chargers, show you how they work and why you would choose one over another. Ultra Power UP616 Charger & Discharger ...

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  • How do I choose a battery connector?

    We're going to take a walk through the types of battery connectors on offer and also the ones that will work with multiple brands to make understanding your “plugs” that little easier. A majority of the batteries within the RC market come with four main plugs fitted, these are Deans, EC3, XT60, and JST, or some variant of these like EC5 (a bigger version of the EC3 which can handle higher current through it). All these serve a purpose. When fitting a new plug the Deans style are normally easier to work with (solder) if you have some experience as they have a small tab to solder onto. It means that any overheating of the tab while soldering can result in heat transferring to the plug housing, for beginners out there,...

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  • Understanding LiPo Batteries - What do the numbers mean and how does it affect me?

    LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries have become the industry standard in remote control over the last 5 or so years. Many Cars, Boats and Planes now use a LiPo battery so understanding basic LiPo care and practices are important for every RC enthusiast. Understanding LiPo battery specs are something that many people find confusing, What is "C" rating, what does 3S mean, what happens if I increase my capacity or voltage are all very common questions. Well have no fear, we are here to explain what this all means and how it affects YOU when purchasing your next LiPo. Capacity is the first thing people talk about when upgrading a LiPo, I'm sure everyone has heard or thought about how to make their...

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