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  • RC Plane Events in Australia - 2017

    If you know of an event that is not listed, or there are event details that need to be updated, please do not hesitate to contact Modelflight.

  • The DJI Mavic Drone to be released very soon!

    DJI Mavic


    The world leader in drone technology, DJI, are bringing out an exciting new product for those looking for the next big thing in the realm of drone flying - the DJI Mavic! Scheduled for release later this month you will now have the perfect combination of technological excellence, sleek styling, and, a highly capable drone platform to include on your Christmas list. The DJI Mavic is a definite must see for the serious droner, or, those just starting out!

    What sets the DJI Mavic Drone apart from the rest

    Apart from being a part of the impressive DJI stable of drones, the Mavic craft is designed to fold down to an easily transportable 20cm x 10cm. Easily and unobtrusively stowed away in your backpack to take anywhere. The DJI Mavic has a 4K camera on a 3 axis gimbal as standard so you won’t miss any of those moments when you’re out and about.

    4K Camera Mavic

    The flight time in this compact drone is provided by a rechargeable 3380 mAh LiPo battery and if early indications are anything to go by it is a lot quieter than your average drone. The DJI Mavic also comes with an Android powered controller giving you all the benefits of this widely used platform as a standard feature.

    The DJI Mavic is also rumoured to have a few features that it’s borrowed from its bigger brother, the DJI Phantom. We’re hearing whispers that you will find 3 ultrasonic and visual sensors along the bottom of the drones body which will provide highly accurate position hold when flying indoors without the need for a GPS connection. Overall we are thinking you’ll have a very stable platform that should also be geared up with DJI’s collision avoidance system if you’re planning to get some action footage in the great outdoors.

    DJI Mavic remote

    An emphasis on ease of use and getting into the air quickly are evident given the DJI Mavic comes with a monitor integrated into the radio remote meaning the phone can stay in the pocket. Being able to change the camera settings from the radio rather than having to juggle the phone as well should make the DJI Mavic even more user friendly to the solo flyer. We are also hearing that the remote itself also folds down which, along with the quick release propellers, is going to make the DJI Mavic even easier to set up and pack up as you pursue the perfect shots and footage that these drones give us access to. For the equivalent from Yuneec, you can look at the drone Breeze.

    DJI Mavic Drone

    Update 21/09

    The popular Vloger Jon Olsson published teasing the carry case for the DJI Mavic. Even if he's not allowed to show the drone, he seemed to be very exited to have it. This video confirms how compact the drone is when folded. Looks like we're not the only one to wait for the official release.

    DJI Mavic Case

    Update 22/09

    DJI just published a new teaser for the Mavic. This picture definitively confirms that the new drone will have foldable arms which will allow the DJI Mavic to be compact and transportable. We cannot wait to see the final version of this small drone from DJI!

    Mavic update

    Update 23/09

    A new picture taken from the DJI Mavic has been released on the DJI's Facebook page. We can admire the quality of the shot and the sharpness of the details.  The post mentioned that the new drone won't be just a pretty face, probably referring to the collision avoidance system. The operator is using a transmitter/radio to control the quadcopter and he can see the video feed from his phone/Ipad. It confirms that you won't have to use your phone to control the Mavic like the Breeze from Yuneec.

    Collision avoidance

    The new DJI GO Pad app is already supporting the the Mavic. The screenshot below show 2 versions for the new selfie drone: Mavic S and Mavic X. At this stage we cannot determine the difference between the 2 versions.

    DJI Go Pad App

    Update 27/09

    The DJI Mavic is now released, you can order it here!

  • GoPro Karma Drone to be released very soon! (Now released)

    GoPro are widely known for their premium sport action cameras and highly mountable accessories but a GoPro drone? This September 19, 2016 at 9am Pacific US Time, GoPro will be releasing their very first camera drone. Good things come to those who wait but GoPro have focused on what goes around comes around, naming their first drone the GoPro Karma Drone!

    So why buy the Karma Drone?

    Let us shed some light on what we may see come with the release. From what we’ve seen, unsubstantiated, GoPro’s Karma Drone will be a nimble yet smooth creature, being able to keep up with your speediest cycling mates or follow your latest holiday adventure! GoPro sport cameras are used through out many action sports and there’s no doubt this drone will be designed to be an aerial addition to this. It is rumored to be modular also, with perhaps a GoPro Hero 5 being able to seamlessly clip on and off to allow silky smooth transitions from aerial to ground footage, giving it a smaller footprint at the same time! Who knows, if the recent teaser video in a library is anything to go by then maybe they are working on ground stabilisers as well for a truly complete filming solution.

    GoPro Karma

    Don’t know how to fly? No Problems! The GoPro Karma Drone will be voice activated via an app. Tell Karma to “hold steady” for an aerial tripod like shot or “follow forward” for a stabilised establishing scene. There may be a unique feature whilst charging with GoPro mentioning that it will be “all charged up and ready to go anytime, anywhere”. Weather this is a backpack that doubles as a charging dock or an included external power supply to plug into, we wont know for sure until its release.

    One thing that is for certain is that whatever we are graced with, it will have been both GoPro’s and the drone industry’s most longed and anticipated release to date. This is also suggested by a recent resurgence in investment on the stock market. It may suddenly mean some hefty competition for the likes of DJI.

    Update: The Karma is now released!

    karma drone

    GoPro always has good karma. They always do good. Take incredibly smooth video footage up from above. Hold it or mount to your favourite gear.


    • Lightweight & compact. It goes where you go.
    • Perfect for beginners, simple to fly
    • Grab your friends & fly together, with GoPro Passenger App
    • Included camera grip for steady video, handheld or mounted
    • Compatible with Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session & Hero 4 Black Silver
    • Control your camera in a game-flight style
    • Storage case included, plus a built-in shoulder mount
    • Easily replace any parts if you need to.

    Take your GoPro Karma anywhere

    GoPro don’t do anything in halves. And the new Karma is a perfect example of this. More than just a drone, you can capture professional quality footage, using your favourite equipment or holding it by hand.

    GoPro has always embodied adventure. It speaks to the thrill seekers. The explorers. The boundary-pushers. But with the Karma, you can take your exploring to a whole next level.

    Smart storage case, made for movement

    The Karma’s portable, ultra compact design makes it possible to take with you wherever you go. Fold it down into a lightweight case and wear it with ease, no matter what you’re doing – cycling, hiking or running. Made for adventurers as they’re always on the go, the Karma case has a durable shell and in-built shoulder mount.  

    It’s easy to fly

    If you’ve never tried drone flying before, don’t worry. Newbies won’t have any troubles with the Karma. This means kids can start their flying career early on. And with that undeniable feeling of adventure and endless possibility, there’s no greater gift than the Karma. Kids will love it!

    You can also team up with your friends – because the Karma is made to be enjoyed together. The GoPro Passenger App allows your buddies to see your flight and even control GoPro while you’re busy flying.

    Removable camera stabiliser

    Gopro Karma

    Prefer the handheld option? The camera stabiliser can be removed and attaches to the Karma grip for steady handheld shots. The control is all in your hands. The Karma grip boasts super smooth video. No shakes. No hassle.

    And then there’s the controller. It’s simple to use and makes controlling your Karma like a game. Its game-style design, touch display and smart controls make everything simplified. Again, perfect for beginners.

    See life, from above

    With the GoPro Karma, you see life from another perspective. Helping you capture, re-live adventures that move you; that shape you. It’s not just handheld, aerial, or wearable mountable, Karma brings it altogether, so you can choose which is best for today’s adventure.

    A complex system that’s simplified for anyone to fly, the Karma is the GoPro for everyone, for everywhere. Beaches, mountains, hills and anywhere else your weekends take you. The Karma is incredibly portable, so you never have to worry about lugging around a heavy, difficult-to-carry drone. With the Karma, there’s no second thought. It comes with you everywhere, because you never want to miss a moment.

    Fold it up & fit it in your backpack

    It’s all in the one case and ready to go. The GoPro Karma comes with it all – the drone, a controller, stabiliser and harness, charger, battery, 6x propellers, grip, case, and mounting ring. It’s compatible with the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and Hero 4 Black Silver.
    There’s no other product quite like the Karma to go pro on.

    If you're interested in the GoPro Karma, you might want to have a look at the Phantom 4 or the Yuneec Typhoon H


  • Indoor Flying at ETSA Park Netball Stadium

    Indoor Flying returns to Etsa Park Netball Stadium, Mile End

    SSL and Model Flight are pleased to announce that Indoor Flying is coming back to ETSA Park now the netball season is over. $10 to fly, free to spectate.

    Thursday 15th September 7:00 – 9:00

    Thursday 20th October  7:00 – 9:00

    Thursday 17th November 7:00 – 9:00

    Thursday 15th December  7:00 – 9:00


    drone in the classroom

    In Australia, the National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology. It is held at schools throughout the nation with thousands of individuals – from students, to professionals – getting involved, taking part in more than 1000 science events across the nation. This year Modelflight were fortunate enough to play a small part in this curriculum initiative holding sessions at two local primary schools; Burnside Primary and Scotch College Junior School showing some of the technologies involved with drones and multirotors. While visiting the two schools we spoke with around 250-students from middle to upper primary year groups.

    National Science Week, Australia

    In 2016 the theme for National Science Week was “Drones, Droids and Robots”. It was a fantastic opportunity for Jamie Nancarrow, and the team, to head along and talk about all things flying, multirotor and “drone” like. The theme centred on the real-world application of autonomous technologies in areas like agriculture, mining, manufacturing, surveying, etc. Plus some fun chat about other First-Person Piloting, Racing, and cool Radio Control applications. Lots of demonstrations kept the students engaged and asking questions.

    Drones, Droids and Robots

    Asking the students whether they had seen or used drones before was an interesting outcome with a group of year-6 students talking about having already spent two weeks with a DJI Phantom 3 chasing Pokemon. They explained how they attached an IPhone to the drone and used emulation software on a computer to look at the vision. Pokemon are apparently getting stalked from the air now as well. Some offer of hope for extinction soon.

    Pokemon Go with your drone

    Another fantastic response to “What do you think you could use drones for?” was one year-2 student who thought picking up her dog and taking it down the street to see her grandma would be a nice thing to do “as my grandma loves seeing our pet dog”. It was really great to see some of the creativity coming through in these students when thinking about potential applications and uses of this technology.

    Aerial photography drone

    Our thanks must go to the teachers who facilitated our attendance, and we look forward to working with them in the future with some of the extended curriculum programs they are researching.

    National Science Drone

  • Indoor Flying at Ridley Centre

    Proudly brought to you by Modelflight RC

    In conjunction with Southern Soaring League (SSL) and the Model Aerosport SA Inc (MASA)

    Scheduled: Thursday May-19th, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
    Scheduled: Thursday July-21st, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Free to spectate and only $10 to participate (all proceeds going to SSL Club)

    Indoor Flying

    Well its back on again! We are very excited to announce that with the support of Southern Soaring League (SSL) and the MASA we have been able to lock down the use of the southern half of Ridley Centre at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.

    Ridley Centre South Ridley Centre South. Access will be via the doors on the southern side of the centre and clearly the lights will be on

    This space is great for indoor model flying and we hope can provide ease of access (plenty of public transport options, as outlined below) and great opportunity to expand the types of indoor models being flown. So dust of the Ultra-Micros, Small FPV units, Foam Scratchies or your other indoor flying projects and come on down for a fun filled evening. If you have not tried FPV before, Modelflight will also have some basic FPV systems set-up for you to have a go and put the goggles on to gain some otherworldly experience.

    RC Indoor

    Venue Access

    Parking: Via Rose Terrace (North P, P1, P2, or P3) or alternative local street parking on the Eastern side of Goodwood Road.

    By Foot: All gates will be open but preferred access will be via Northern Kidman Gate (if parked off Rose Terrace and walking) or via the Ridley Gate (off Goodwood Road) are the easiest

    Entry: the southern doors of Ridley Centre (just off Goodwood Road). Its possible the Northern doors will be open but that will be determined on the day.


    Public Transport

    Bus Routes:
    Several bus routes service the Showground on Goodwood Road. Bus stops 1 or 2 on Goodwood Road are most convenient to the Adelaide Showground. It is approximately a 15 minute bus ride to the City.

    Tram Routes:
    Trams depart Adelaide from Victoria Square & outside the Adelaide Railway Station every 20 minutes, with the journey taking five-minutes to reach Goodwood Road Station, Stop 3. It is then a five-minute walk from the tram stop to the Adelaide Showground.

    Train Routes:
    Located on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road, Adelaide Showground Station is fully integrated with the Showground to provide a new, modern station that improves access, visibility, design, safety and convenience for train users.


  • Australian F3J International RC Glider Event - Milang, South Australia: March 2016

    Model Flight was proud to support this major RC thermal soaring event held at the SSL field at Milang SA. Near perfect conditions faced the 27 competitors on Saturday. Light southerly winds and temperatures in the mid 20’s. 7 qualifying rounds were flown on the Saturday and a further 5 on Sunday morning with the fly-off rounds commencing after lunch.

    John Tonkes landing his Pike Perfection

    The top 7 pilots after qualifying went into a 3 round fly-off to determine the winner. Stronger winds and less thermals were evident as these competitors aimed for a 15 minute flight after a 3-5 second launch on the electric winches that were used throughout the competition. This was the only deviation from the FAI International rules.

    Jamie Nancarrow landing his Pike Perfection

    There were 2 pilots competing from New Zealand; multi time World Champion Joe Wurts and multi time New Zealand Team member Kevin Botherway. They headed the scoreboard after the qualifying rounds but the pressure was on in the fly-offs. Fortunately the Aussies put on some heat and prevented a Kiwi 1-2.


    F3J International Fly-Off - Overall Results

    Rank Name Score Model Radio State
    1 WURTS, Joe 2994.38 Maxa JR NZ
    2 O'REILLY, Michael 2971.99 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    3 ARVANITAKIS, Theo 2971.79 Pike Perfection Spektrum VIC
    4 NANCARROW, Jamie 2963.06 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    5 HOUDALAKIS, Jim 2911.57 Pike Perfect Jeti VIC
    6 CHABREL, Nick 2730.73 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
    7 BOTHERWAY, Kevin 2569.85 Maxa JR NZ



    L-R, Mike O’Reilly (2nd), Joe Wurts (1st), Theo Arvanitakis (3rd)



  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, March 2016

    Another big crowd rocked up for the March indoor meeting at ETSA Park. It was great to see members from Noarlunga, Holdfast, SSL, Hummocks, Constellation, AMA and more in attendance.

    L-R, Greg Leigh, Shaun Jacobsen and Jarryd Jacobsen (UM Beast) L-R, Greg Leigh, Shaun Jacobsen and Jarryd Jacobsen (UM Beast)

    Shaun with his P3 Revolution and Jarryd with his Beast

    IMG_6101 MAAA President Neil Tank and Paul Kumela came to have a look

    IMG_6084 Luke Neilson with his Crack Yak 55

    IMG_6097 Ian Chomos

    IMG_6088 Steven Lock from Noarlunga

    IMG_6098 JJ with his Crack Laser

    IMG_6093 Crack Shock Flyers in action

    There were slightly less quadcopters and helicopters compared to last month, but an increase in UM warbirds and aerobatic models, and plenty of indoor aerobatic shock flyers.

    IMG_6078 Jim’s Quad Racer

    IMG_6079 A Crack Yak and Sukhoi SU-29

    IMG_6082 Mike’s Blade 200 SR X

    IMG_6083 Greg Leigh’s ParkZone UM T-28 Trojan

    Sadly, this is the last indoor event at ETSA Park until Thursday August 18th due to clashes with netball matches in winter. We are pursuing alternate venues, but we will be back at ETSA in August.

  • RC Plane Events in Australia - 2016

    If you are looking for some RC plane events in your state, check out the below list showing events coming up in 2016.

    Date Event Location
    JR Aerotow Scale Glider Event 25th - 28th March Jerilderie Racecourse, NSW
    Adelaide Jet Action 28th - 29th May Monarto, SA
    LSF Glider Tournament 11th - 13th June Jerilderie Racecourse, NSW
    Luskintyre Scale Festival 29th - 30th October Luskintyre Airfield, NSW


    If you know of an event that is not listed, or there are event details that need to be updated, please do not hesitate to contact Modelflight.

  • DJI Phantom 4 to be Released very Soon!

    DJI Phantom 4

    News of the latest release from DJI are emerging. The Phantom 4 has an all new gimbal, quick release propellers and is rumoured to have the option of carrying 2 batteries that offers 40 minute flight times.

    Follow me with Collision avoidance

    The new Phantom 4 is rumoured to have an auto-follow solution integrated directly in the DJI Go app. The pilot will be able to select the object or person to follow from the app and the drone will handle everything else (focus, zoom...).

    If the rumour are accurate, the Phantom 4 will include a collision avoidance system that will allow to enjoy your activity while the quadcopter automatically films you from the right angle, with the right distance and the right focus.


    Not a just a simple Phantom 3 Upgrade

    The new Phantom will have a better camera quality and a brand new 3 axis gimbal. The camera is rumoured to have an optical zoom and a resolution of 4608 x 2592.  The Phantom 4 will probably have enough room to carry 2 batteries which extend the flight time to 40 minutes. The propellers will be able to be removed very easily thanks to a new quick release system.

    If all the rumours are accurate, the Phantom 4 will be the perfect solution for aerial filming. Whether you are surfing, riding or skying, the Phantom will follow you and provide a professional quality footage from the sky. No need to be a experienced pilot and a film producer to impress your friends!


    The DJI Phantom 4 is officially released!

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