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  • Nitro vs Electric Powered RC Cars

    The Great Debate! Nitro vs Electric Power? What is right for YOU? The oldest argument in the book surrounding remote control cars is the choice of the power plant, the rev heads amongst us will say nitro is the only way to go for a realistic experience and the tech heads will back in the incredible performance of Electric brushless systems and the hassle-free nature of electric power. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a car and the type of power system that car runs will come down to a variety of factors. Ultimately the option you choose to go with will be dependent on the experience you wish to have and the time you wish to dedicate to the R/C hobby, let’s break down some of the Pros and Cons of both options...

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  • Trimming Techniques for Multi-Channel Gliders

    A gliding retrospective Written by Mike O'Reilly The Model Make every effort to have a ‘straight’ model This was important when you built your own model from balsa and foam, but modern moulded gliders rarely have warps or heavy panels Trimming The whole purpose of the trimming process is to make your glider easy to fly in a ‘hands-off’ situation. The easier it is to fly, the better it will fly. I like my gliders to be neutrally stable so they will fly hands off. This helps you to detect thermals in the first instance and to be comfortable flying your glider a long way downwind. Tow Hook Position With very few exceptions the tow hook should be placed in front of or on the CG. The ideal position also depends on flap and elevator presets so there is no definitive position. Moving the hook rearwards will increase the steepness of the climb,...

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