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  • New Releases from Parkzone, Blade & E-flite

    New Releases from Parkzone, Blade & E-flite
    It's been a big day for new releases at Modelflight, with Horizon Hobby releasing 3 great models from top brands ParkZone, E-Flite and Blade Heli. With a wingspan of only 8.7 inches and a flying weight of just under a third of an ounce, the ParkZone® Mini Vapor® slow flyer is the perfect size for navigating indoor spaces that might be a bit too tight for other ultra micros. Its compact presence and precise, 3-channel DSM2®/DSMX® control make it possible to deftly maneuver around furniture, light fixtures and other obstacles without bumping into a thing. Eve...

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  • Indoor Flying - October Phoenix Report

    Indoor Flying - October Phoenix Report
    What began as a somewhat mediocre evening at Indoor Flying, quickly blossomed into a ‘NIGHT TO REMEMBER!”  As we have two “Michaels” who are prominent on the third Thursday of each month, I shall call them Junior Michael and Senior Michael with the Senior being the Managing Director of Model Flight and the Junior, one of our most avid fliers. On this occasion, Junior Michael became the star of the show on the night in question, when his Micro Mustang, of all the objects with which he COULD HAVE become entwined, he selected a long piece of wire (2mm) that was hanging from the rafters. The said aircraft dangled by its propeller, which was wrapped several times around the wire. (See my first picture of the hapless aircraft.) Lots of recovery means were discussed by the flying group – put a table on top of another and stand on it. That suggestion, whilst offered and accep...

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  • 3D Helicopter Aerobatics - How it Works

    3D Helicopter Flying Mode - How it Works To fly aerobatic maneuvers, the helicopter must be in 3D Flight mode.  The flight Mode toggle switch is located in the upper right of the transmitter switches between normal and 3D mode (Fig 9). In Normal Flight Mode, the first 50% of the throttle movement is for spooling up the rotor head. As throttle passes the 50% mark, the CCPM system gradually increases the the pitch of the blades to create lift and get the heli into the air. Note: All flying in normal mode will occur above 50% throttle. Landing will also occur in normal flight mode. In the 3D flight mode, the throttle stick functions switches from controlling the throttle to controlling the pitch angle of the rotor blades. The VNR 3D must be flying to switch into the 3D Flight Mode when the throttle...

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