Precision Aerobatics is now available at Modelflight!

Since 2004, Precision Aerobatics have been crafting incredible RC planes that make every flight a blast. Now, we’re excited to announce that they’ve landed in our Modelflight catalogue, bringing their signature style and unbeatable quality. See our collection here

Introducing Precision Aerobatics 

Precision Aerobatics Katana 60

With a commitment to excellence, each Precision Aerobatics model undergoes thorough flight performance and durability testing, ensuring unmatched quality for enthusiasts worldwide. Transitioning from Sydney to the USA in 2016, Precision Aerobatics continues to redefine the boundaries of RC aviation. 

Push the boundaries of aerobatic flight 

With unique designs and incredible flight characteristics, these ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) electric-powered aircraft are all about pushing the limits. Designed for slow-3D, precision, and high-energy manoeuvres, these planes can handle it all. Check out the videos on our product pages to witness firsthand the incredible capabilities of Precision Aerobatics aircraft!  

The FiberFusion advantage 

At the heart of Precision Aerobatics lies their patented construction method: FiberFusion. By seamlessly blending carbon fibre, balsa, and ply, Precision Aerobatics creates aircraft that are not only lighter and stronger but also more rigid, giving you the ultimate flying experience. 

They don’t just stop at aircraft, Precision Aerobatics offers a range of power systems and accessories to enhance your flying experience. From carbon fibre vortex generators to their powerful Thrust motors and Quantum ESCs, they’ve got everything you need to maximise performance. They also have covering, servos, carbon fibre spinners, control horns and even wing bags to protect your aircraft. 

Whether you’re an experienced pilot or just starting your 3D/aerobatic journey, Precision Aerobatics has the plane for you. Click here to see the full collection!