Spektrum has been at the forefront of radios since its launch in 2004, when they brought Digital Spectrum Modulation Technology into the world of RC. To this day, Spektrum remains one of the most popular radio brands for RC planes and cars.



With a wide range of Mode 1 and Mode 2 radios available, Spektrum has something for every pilot and driver, regardless of their skill level. The Spektrum DX6i, for example, is a versatile radio for remote control planes. Additionally, the Spektrum DX2E surface transmitter is popular with the latest remote control cars.

2014 saw the release of the Spektrum DX6, surface radio DX4C and DX18, one of the first radio with voice alerts. No doubt this is a sign of innovative things to come from Spektrum and Modelflight are proud to offer you their radios.

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