Bite-size 3D powerhouse

With such beautiful weather in Adelaide, we had to get out of the office and test fly the new Blade 150 S RC helicopter. Featuring SAFE technology, this brilliant helicopter is perfect for those pilots who are wanting to move from a fixed pitch to a collective pitch heli. With progressive flight modes, you can use this RC helicopter as a collective pitch trainer as well as performing advanced sporty 3D aerobatics. Check out the video above for some footage of the 150 S.

The most realistic RC flight simulator yet

Flight simulators are a fantastic tool to help you hone your flying skills and the RealFlight 9 Flight Simulator is a brand-new release. This simulator is packed full of all of Horizon Hobby’s latest aircraft from brands like E-flite, Hangar 9 and Blade. You can practise flying all these exact models in the simulator that you might want to buy for real.

RealFlight 9 Flight Simulator

There are two versions available for the RealFlight 9 Simulator. One is a software-only version where you need to add a Spektrum transmitter and a Spektrum Wireless Dongle (or another brand transmitter with their own dongle) which is a great option for RC hobbyists who already have a compatible transmitter. The other is an all-inclusive version that has the simulator disc and an InterLink DX transmitter, perfect for beginners who may not have any RC gear. Not only is the RF9 for beginners, it’s also for the intermediate and experienced pilots who want to hone their skills or practise new tricks and manoeuvres before taking it outside to the field.

Power up with the UP6+ Charger

Ultra Power UP6+ Charger

The UP6+ is a brand-new release from Ultra Power in their range of chargers. It is a dual charger, meaning it has two separate charging circuits within it so you can charge two separate batteries on two entirely different programs simultaneously. Whether you’re charging two LiPo batteries or one LiPo and one NiMH or a 6 cell LiPo and a 2 cell LiPo, this charger can top up your batteries at the same time cutting charging time down significantly.

A great feature on this charger is that it has AC and DC, giving you the flexibility to use it with your AC outlet in your house, or use the DC side and hook it up to a power supply or a car battery if you’re out and about. Constantly pushing the boundaries, Ultra Power have also added wireless charging on the top of the device for your mobile phone, as well as the ability to use an external discharge, which will make the charger go from discharging at 8 watts to being capable of discharging at about 200 watts. For those of you looking for a 300-watt charger with 16amps per channel, with a lot of power and great features at an affordable price, the Ultra Power UP6+ may be the one for you.