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  • Delta Ray One RC Plane has arrived at Modelflight

    Delta Ray One RC Plane has arrived at Modelflight
    Learn how to fly with the Delta Ray One A brand new and fantastic product from E-Flite is the Delta Ray One. Some of you may be familiar with the Delta Ray, which was a previous model from HobbyZone, with a dual motor unit that they have used for inspiration in the new variant. It was a delta wing style with a cockpit up the front. E-Flite have changed the aircraft a little and offered it in a fantastic “learn how to fly” RC Plane. The Delta Ray One is a bit of an all-new design, with a pusher propeller instead of the dual motor, E-Flite have also reduced the size...

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  • What is the best trainer plane to purchase?

    This would be one of the most commonly asked questions we hear at Modelflight – rightfully so, there is a lot to consider when making this decision and with so many options available, which trainer plane is the correct one for you? We can’t make up your mind for you, but we can point you in the right direction. Here are a few key pointers which can help you make your decision and a few things to look out for. Try to keep the aircraft as simple as possible by starting off with a three or four channel plane. This will generally consist of throttle, elevator and rudder, with ailerons something to consider if you will be flying outdoors in a windy environment. We strongly recommend going with a high wing model with some dihedral to start with. Som...

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  • Chuck's ParkZone SE5a Demo Video

      Here is a review that will win over the hearts of scale RC fans. Chuck T. Seeker took his ParkZone SE5a for another flight and was able to put together a video review. This RC plane has high historic value. The original SE5a was a legendary plane of the World War I era, flown by aces from America and Britain. Interestingly, the ParkZone SE5a also has great historical value for Chuck. He first maidened this plane 20 months ago in July 2011 and in this demo film, Chuck revisits this classic model...

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