Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • E-flite Viper & Turbo Timber RC Planes | NEW Arrivals

    Here are some of our favourite arrivals this week. NEW Mini RC Crawler from Axial The New release Axial SCX24 Deadbolt rock crawler has arrived. This RC crawler is 1/24 scale making it perfect for use indoors and outdoors - create your own obstacles in the house or office or take it outside into the garden bed. Just like the larger 1/10 scale Deadbolt, this mini RC crawler features a lot of scale detail and offers exceptional performance. It is available in two different colours, comes factory assembled and ready-to-run, meaning all you’ll need to do is unbox it, charge the battery and you're ready to have some f...

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  • New Seagull Models & Hangar 9 RC planes

    Welcome back! This week we’ve received deliveries of Seagull Models, Hangar 9, E-flite and HobbyZone aircraft including some brand-new releases – stick around to see some of our favourites that have arrived! Germany’s famed First World War fighter, the Fokker D.VII replica The brand-new Fokker DV.II from Hangar 9 is a 60cc World War I RC plane. It is available as an ARF, meaning you need to complete this with your own radio gear, accessories and motor or engine of your choice. A fantastic RC aircraft in a very limited quantity, so if you are interested in this one, head straight on the website and get it ordered because they will sell out quickly...

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  • New Arrma Infraction RC Street Basher

    We went down to the Hallett Cove Skate Park to shoot some footage with the Arrma Infraction. We were lucky enough to get a sample of this remote control car to put it through its paces, and let us tell you, it is an amazing car! Phenomenal performance, phenomenal speed - the RC car will smoke the tyres doing donuts it has that much power and torque. We were probably putting it in a place where it shouldn't be, jumping and bashing it, doing everything that you probably wouldn't want to do to a car that you have just purchased, but we did to see what it can handle and it has come through beautifully with no damage aside from some scuffs to the body...

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