Monthly Archives: June 2019

  • Phoenix Model RC Planes have arrived

    Welcome back! We're going to take you through a recent delivery from Phoenix Models and highlight some of our favourite models. Phoenix Model Aurora First up we have the Phoenix Model Aurora 46 a 55 sized nitro aircraft that can also run on electric, so depending on what your preference is you can kit this aircraft out how you feel. It’s a sport aerobatic low wing model that is great for F3A style flying. Phoenix Model Boomerang 60 Next up we have an old faithful, the Phoenix Model Boomerang 6...

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  • Charged Up

    No matter what area of the hobby you’re into, you are no doubt going to come across times where you will require a charger, so it’s important you understand the process and how best to pick one. What we're going to do today is take you through a range of our Ultra Power chargers, show you how they work and why you would choose one over another. Ultra Power UP616 Charger & Discharger ...

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