Monthly Archives: August 2020

  • RC Plane and Car Kits available at Modelflight

      RC kits are a fantastic and fun way to pass the time, be creative and even educate yourself on how your favourite RC products work and go together. Plus, it is a rewarding experience finishing and using an RC product that you have built yourself. In this blog post, we’re going to take you through a few RC plane and car kits that we have available at Modelflight. Cross RC SU4A Rock Crawler Kit The first RC kit that we’re going to cover is the SU4A Sports Edition RC Crawler from Cross RC. This kit comes with a 35T brushed mot...

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  • New Arrma Typhon RC Buggy and E-flite Citation Longitude RC Jet have arrived at Modelflight

      We recently received some exciting products including the Arrma MEGA Typhon and the new E-flite Citation Longitude. In this blog post, we’re going to highlight a few of our favourite arrivals – let's get into it! Arrma Typhon MEGA 550 RC Buggy The Arrma Typhon MEGA 550 is a new product that is Ready-To-Run and an affordable way to get into RC. It is a 1/8th Scale 4WD buggy making it perfect for BMX tracks and parks – it can get over large obstacles, has more suspension travel and is a bit better at landing big j...

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