Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, July 2015

    After a series of cold, windy and sometimes wet days the lure of a relatively warm and calm indoor arena drew a large crowd of pilots to ETSA Park Netball Centre in July. It was great to see some new faces who had an interesting variety of models to fly. There were some Blade 200 SRX’s, Night Vapors, several Ultra Micro Space Walkers, Mike flew an Ultra Micro PT-17, and we saw quite a few quadcopters in action. ...

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  • Getting Started in Aerial Photography and Filming - 2015 Updated Edition

    Click here for an updated version of this article. Whether you are capturing an exciting sports match or photographing a beautiful scene from above, aerial photography and filming is a fantastic hobby. Thankfully, with recent developments in cameras and remote control technology, aerial filming and photography has never been easier. Modelflight is proud to offer a range of products to help our customers get started in this hobby and in this blog post, we would like to talk about various options for getting started in aerial photography and filming, beginning with a general discussion about drones. Drones, Quadcopters and...

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