Flex Innovations

Flex Innovations is a company that features three experienced professionals who are passionate about creating the next generation of model planes. Consisting of RC world champion Quique Somenzini, RC innovator David Ribbe and scale model designer Dan Asher, Flex Innovations will be the driving force behind three new exciting brands. Premier Aircraft offers leading-edge RC planes personally designed by Flex’s expert team. Potenza will be the source of new electronics that focus on strong power and precision control. Finally, Top Value RC will showcase the latest products from around the world that have been tested and fine-tuned by Flex Innovations.

Somenzini’s presence alone has generated great excitement about Flex. He has been at the forefront of competitive RC for many years. He has also designed some of the most popular RC planes including the Hangar 9 Beast, the E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 54 and the ParkZone VisionAire. We are proud to be working with Flex Innovations and to be offering you their outstanding range of RC products.

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