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  • Chuck's E-Flite Carbon Z Yak 54 Unboxing and Demo

    Chuck's E-Flite Carbon Z Yak 54 Unboxing and Demo
    Our friend, Chuck T. Seeker recently produced some great videos on the Carbon Z Yak 54 from E-Flite.  We wanted to share them with you below. In the first one, Chuck unboxes the Carbon Z Yak 54.  As you will see, he goes into great detail about how the plane's Carbon Z airfame sets it apart from balsa models.  Chuck also talks about the Yak 54's centre of gravity, ailerons, rudder and flaps.  Additionally, you will see how Chuck set up this E-Flite RC plane for its maiden performance.  The video can be seen below: As...

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  • Hangar 9 Releases the Stunning Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2

    Hangar 9 Releases the Stunning Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2
    At Modelflight, we take a lot of pride in our range of scale This 60-size ARF is certainly no ultra-micro and you will find that its range of features is just as large.  Made from an all-wood construction, the Messerschmitt incorporates two Selig airfoils with just the ideal amount of washout, letting you soar at high speeds while still performing graceful landings.  Additionally, Hangar 9 has included a four-section flap system, giving you a greater range of speed and manoeuvrability. One of the key features of the Messerschmitt is its ability to combine great performance with accurate scale detail.  The construction of this RC plane allows for its curved surfaces to be fully sheeted.  This not...

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  • The Glasair from HobbyZone - New Trainer Plane

    The Glasair from HobbyZone - New Trainer Plane
    What an exciting week it has been for us here at Modelflight.  In our last post, we mentioned how ParkZone have recently released their new VisionAire and P-40 Warhawk RC planes.  But just when we thought it couldn't get any better, HobbyZone have just announced their brand new Glasair Sportsman. ...

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  • New Videos - ParkZone VisionAire & Micro P-40 Warhawk

    New Videos - ParkZone VisionAire & Micro P-40 Warhawk
    We are only a few days into 2013 and there have already been some exciting new videos on our YouTube channel. Our film crew hit the ground running to capture Mike reviewing the brand new Parkzone VisionAire.  Fortunately for us, this RC plane had only just arrived at our office, so Mike had a chance to unbox the VisionAire too.  As you will see, Mike describes on how the Quique Somenzini-designed plane gives sport flyers the chance to become 3D pilots.  This video focuses on the impressive wing and tail design of the  VisionAire that allows you to perform exciting 3D manoeuvres with ease.  Mike's review of this remote control plane  can be seen below: We were also able to produce this demo vid...

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  • Welcome P-40 Warhawk,VisionAire and AR635

    Welcome P-40 Warhawk,VisionAire and AR635
    New Releases from Parkzone & Spektrum Parkzone Ultra-Micro P-40 Warhawk & Parkzone VisionAire 2013 got off to a stellar start with the release of several brand new products on Modelflight's website.  One that we had been eagerly awaiting was the UM P-40 Warhawk from ...

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  • Introducing Spektrum DSMX: True Evolution

    Announcing the Latest Innovation from Spektrum  Spektrum launched the 2.4GHz RC revolution and remains the leader of it for one simple reason – RC is our sole focus. It’s why Spektrum has made more innovations in RC in the last 5 years than anyone else. DSMX is just such an innovation. It is a new, frequency-agile evolution of Spektrum™ 2.4GHz technology that matches the consistently superior speed and data capacity of DSM2 with the most advanced frequency shifting algorithm to date. The result is the fastest, most precise response in heavily congested 2.4GHz environments you will find anywhere. httpv:// A Solid Foundation: Wideband DSSS DSMX is built on the same foundation as...

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