Chuck's E-Flite Carbon Z Yak 54 Unboxing and Demo
Our friend, Chuck T. Seeker recently produced some great videos on the Carbon Z Yak 54 from E-Flite.  We wanted to share them with you below. In the first one, Chuck unboxes the Carbon Z Yak 54.  As you will see, he goes into great detail about how the plane's Carbon Z airfame sets it apart from balsa models.  Chuck also talks about the Yak 54's centre of gravity, ailerons, rudder and flaps.  Additionally, you will see how Chuck set up this E-Flite RC plane for its maiden performance.  The video can be seen below: As you can see in the unboxing video, the Carbon Z Yak 54 comes with some great features.  Its digital high-speed metal gear servos allow for excellent control response.  Furthermore, this RC plane is designed so you can disassemble it almost as fast as Chuck assembles it!  As he demonstrates in his next video, transporting the Yak 54 to the field is very easy. This second video clip shows Chuck's maiden flight with the Carbon Z Yak 54.  We were very impressed with Chuck's handling of the plane, considering that (by his own admission) he had never flown anything like it before.  Chuck was able to pull off some brilliant manoeuvres with this RC plane, which we are sure you will enjoy watching as much as we did.  This demo video can be seen below: As Chuck demonstrates, the Carbon Z Yak 54 is an outstanding plane.  Its Carbon Z construction gives it an superb balance of strength and light weight.  As the demo video shows, the 25-size motor in this E-Flite plane makes it an incredible performer.  This Quique Somenzini-designed aerobatic RC plane is perfect if you (like Chuck) are ready to move beyond balsa models and take the next step in 3D flying.  The E-Flite Carbon Z Yak 54 is available now at Modelflight.