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  • New Videos - ParkZone VisionAire & Micro P-40 Warhawk

    New Videos - ParkZone VisionAire & Micro P-40 Warhawk
    We are only a few days into 2013 and there have already been some exciting new videos on our YouTube channel. Our film crew hit the ground running to capture Mike reviewing the brand new Parkzone VisionAire.  Fortunately for us, this RC plane had only just arrived at our office, so Mike had a chance to unbox the VisionAire too.  As you will see, Mike describes on how the Quique Somenzini-designed plane gives sport flyers the chance to become 3D pilots.  This video focuses on the impressive wing and tail design of the  VisionAire that allows you to perform exciting 3D manoeuvres with ease.  Mike's review of this remote control plane  can be seen below: We were also able to produce this demo vid...

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  • New Dualsky Products Now Online

    New Dualsky Products Now Online
    We are pleased to announce that a wide range of new products from Dualsky have recently arrived at Modelflight. The most exciting of these is Dualsky’s new Hornet 460 Quadcopter.  After a highly-anticipated lead-up, this RC quadcopter is now available on our website.  If you would like to learn more about this product, we have put a lot of information online, including a blog post and a video manual.  Our YouTube channel also features a flight demo...

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  • Parkzone Archer Review & Unboxing by Chuck

    Parkzone Archer Review & Unboxing by Chuck
    Our friend Chuck was lucky enough to receive a surprise Chrismas present this year... in the shape of a new Parkzone release; the Parkzone Archer. Here, he brings us the unboxing/review of the Piper Archer.  "...i think when you see this plane you are going to fall in love as it is a good copy of a classic plane. I'll show those that don't know how to put it together and bind your Tx to it..." Chuck...

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  • The Perfect Flying Companion; the Parkzone Archer

    The Perfect Flying Companion; the Parkzone Archer
    Building on their reputation for excellent scale models, the Parkzone Archer RC plane from ParkZone brilliantly recreates the full-scale light civilian aeroplane built by Piper Aircraft.  This fantastic Z-foam remote control plane offers superb scale details, including panel lines and simulated corrugated flight surfaces. You will also notice a modern trim scheme and tricycle gear for easier ground handling.  This ParkZone RC...

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  • Welcome P-40 Warhawk,VisionAire and AR635

    Welcome P-40 Warhawk,VisionAire and AR635
    New Releases from Parkzone & Spektrum Parkzone Ultra-Micro P-40 Warhawk & Parkzone VisionAire 2013 got off to a stellar start with the release of several brand new products on Modelflight's website.  One that we had been eagerly awaiting was the UM P-40 Warhawk from ...

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  • The final indoor flying for 2012 in Adelaide

    The final indoor flying for 2012 in Adelaide
    Well dear readers, although our final indoor gathering for 2012 began fairly quietly at ETSA Netball Stadium perhaps due to it being a quite languid evening and our fliers being a little loath to leave their air-conditioning,  for some unknown reason, we seemed to have a larger-than-normal group of young people and due to our friend Chuck T. having more than just a mop of hair on his head, he showed excellent forethought and a great relationship with the littlies.  However, more on that shortly – firstly let me mention our latest dad (in our midst of course) and I speak of Michael whose lovely wife presented him with a young gentleman and, no doubt, a future flier at ETSA Park.  At just five weeks, I believe that he already has excellent con...

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