New Dualsky Products Now Online
Dualsky's Hornet 460 QuadcopterWe are pleased to announce that a wide range of new products from Dualsky have recently arrived at Modelflight. The most exciting of these is Dualsky’s new Hornet 460 Quadcopter.  After a highly-anticipated lead-up, this RC quadcopter is now available on our website.  If you would like to learn more about this product, we have put a lot of information online, including a blog post and a video manual.  Our YouTube channel also features a flight demo of the Hornet 460.  You can even watch in-flight footage from a camera strapped to the quadcopter! In addition, there are many more Dualsky products to mention.  For example, we now offer Dualsky’s new range of LiPo batteries.  As part of their XPower range of LiPos, Dualsky have released the EX Series.  These 30C batteries offer outstanding capacity and are an excellent addition to your RC plane or helicopter.  Best of all, they are very easy to install.  Modelflight now stock EX Series batteries in sizes that range from 400mAh up to 4000mAh.  View the full range of Dualsky EX LiPos here.

Finally, if you are looking  for a new