Parkzone Archer Review & Unboxing by Chuck
Our friend Chuck was lucky enough to receive a surprise Chrismas present this year... in the shape of a new Parkzone release; the Parkzone Archer. Here, he brings us the unboxing/review of the Piper Archer.  "...i think when you see this plane you are going to fall in love as it is a good copy of a classic plane. I'll show those that don't know how to put it together and bind your Tx to it..." Chuck "After a windy weekend and needing to get the maiden filmed we were up and out at 6.30am to get the footage, but what a beautiful morning it was as the new Parkzone ARCHER took off on it's maiden flight. Grass takes off's were easy as were the landing. The plane is not as fast as the bigger Parkzone planes but flys really nice. This plane will be good for those wanting to move on from flying the Hobbyzone Cub or Stratos to a 4ch, low wing, scale! trainer, just set your low rates to 70% add a bit of Expo if you can and then enjoy the flight. For the more experienced flyer, here is a good scale looking plane in a size a little bigger than a micro but smaller than the usual PZ Warbird, so will be able to fly in small area's for those that might not have wide open space to fly. Another bonus with this plane is, if necessary, because the tail screws on, it's only 3 screws to remove "all" wings for transport. Yes I think your going to enjoy flying this one" Chuck Chuck has also taken the opportunity to film the Parkzone Archer in windy conditions to let us see how it fairs.  "This time I take the Parkzone Archer to my mates "Chicken Farm Runway" and show you some Dirt runway take offs & landings. I also get a gust of wind catch me out on one of the landings and explain what I did wrong and what I should of done. The wind blows up a few times during the flight and you can see the Archer handles it with ease. " Chuck Check out the 'in the wind' Parkzone Piper Archer video here: For more footage of the Parkzone Archer subscribe to our YouTube Channel.