E-Flite EC5 Battery Connector, Female Pair

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EC5 Battery Connectors are ideal power output connectors for electric applications. EC5 Battery connectors are available to match up with the EC5 Device connectors


  • Capable of more than 120A continuous current with 10-awg wire
  • Ergonomically pleasing and easy to grip
  • Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity
  • Superior technology suited to today's advanced applications
  • Designed with convenience and reliability in mind
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E-Flite EC5 Battery Connector, Female Pair

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Product Information

E-flite's high-quality EC5 connectors should be a staple for every workbench. EC5 (E-flite Connector 5mm) connectors, leads with connectors, and accessories are perfect for electric power applications and work with any battery, charger, ESC, Power Meter, etc. They are ideal for high power applications.

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