Jerilderie LSF Glider Tournament 2023

Model Flight is proud to have been a supporter of the LSF Glider Tournament since the very first event in 1977. 

The Annual Jerilderie competition was held over the June long weekend. This year, three classes were flown. F5J, Open Thermal (winch launch) and F5L (2m Electric RES).  There were 38 competitors representing most Australian states, with 4 from New Zealand. 37 flew in 5J, with 27 in each of OT and 5L. Our AUS F5J World Championship Team of Nick Chabrel, Marcus Stent, and Andrew Meyer were there for some practice before they travel to Bulgaria for the WC in early August. Conditions were very good with light, steady wind, generally sub 10 kph. Sunny skies on Saturday, overcast to varying degrees on Sunday and Monday.  

Pike Prestige 2K Model

Thermal activity was generally good, and the local birds often provided excellent markers. Despite this “assistance”, and the good conditions the launch heights in 5J were generally conservative, 100-200m, although there were a few sub 100m launches.  

Seven rounds of 5J were flown, and 6 each of OT and 5L over the two and a half days. Not enough rounds really, despite the excellent scheduling of the event by Gliderscore.  

Jerilderie LSF Glider Tournament

In 5J a broad selection of planes were flown including Prestige 2PK, Plus-X, Maxa, Sensor, Infinity etc. In OT, the Maxa, Dynamic and Perfection were the most popular, with the winner Nick Chabrel flying the only F3J Pike Prestige 2PK on the field.  

Jerilderie LSF Glider Tournament 2023

Jerilderie LSF Glider Tournament

The scores across all 3 classes were very tight with mere points between the place-getters. This is a reflection of the good conditions and the high standard of flying on display. 

The full results from all 3 classes can be seen on  

F5J Results

1st Place: Joe Wurts from NZ with 5993
2nd Place: Kevin Botherway from NZ with 5981
3rd Place: Andrew Meyer from SA with 5947

Open Thermal Results

1st Place: Nick Chabrel from SA with 5997
2nd Place: Joe Wurts from NZ with 5996
3rd Place: Matt Lowe from NSW with 5993

F5L Results 

1st Place: Joe Wurts, NZ, with 4976
2nd Place:
Marcus Stent from VIC with 4975
3rd Place:
Kevin Botherway from NZ with 4966