Model Flight was proud to support this major RC thermal soaring event held at the SSL field at Milang SA. Near perfect conditions faced the 27 competitors on Saturday. Light southerly winds and temperatures in the mid 20’s. 7 qualifying rounds were flown on the Saturday and a further 5 on Sunday morning with the fly-off rounds commencing after lunch.

[caption id="attachment_9367" align="alignnone" width="912"] John Tonkes landing his Pike Perfection[/caption]

The top 7 pilots after qualifying went into a 3 round fly-off to determine the winner. Stronger winds and less thermals were evident as these competitors aimed for a 15 minute flight after a 3-5 second launch on the electric winches that were used throughout the competition. This was the only deviation from the FAI International rules.

[caption id="attachment_9368" align="alignnone" width="912"] Jamie Nancarrow landing his Pike Perfection[/caption]

There were 2 pilots competing from New Zealand; multi time World Champion Joe Wurts and multi time New Zealand Team member Kevin Botherway. They headed the scoreboard after the qualifying rounds but the pressure was on in the fly-offs. Fortunately the Aussies put on some heat and prevented a Kiwi 1-2.


F3J International Fly-Off - Overall Results

Rank Name Score Model Radio State
1 WURTS, Joe 2994.38 Maxa JR NZ
2 O'REILLY, Michael 2971.99 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
3 ARVANITAKIS, Theo 2971.79 Pike Perfection Spektrum VIC
4 NANCARROW, Jamie 2963.06 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
5 HOUDALAKIS, Jim 2911.57 Pike Perfect Jeti VIC
6 CHABREL, Nick 2730.73 Pike Perfection Spektrum SA
7 BOTHERWAY, Kevin 2569.85 Maxa JR NZ



L-R, Mike O’Reilly (2nd), Joe Wurts (1st), Theo Arvanitakis (3rd)