Pike Prestige 2PK PRO F5J model Normal version

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The Prestige 2PK PRO takes a great model and makes it even better. Larger span, longer tail moment and a bigger fin/rudder assembly. Designed for F5J and GPS Light Class.



  • Designed for F5J and GPS Light Class
  • Colours can be specially ordered according to the scheme and colours shown
  • Optional extras are available
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Pike Prestige 2PK PRO F5J model Normal version

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Prestige 2PK PRO Normal version F5J Electric glider - RTF weight 1450g – 1550g, stiffness of the spar – 50%

Sold and backed up by the Exclusive Samba AU agent since 2002

The basic model is supplied with the complete servo wiring loom, wing, tail and fuselage protective bags, linkages and quick links for all surfaces.

Colours can be specially ordered according to the scheme and colours shown. Fluoro colours cost extra.

Talk to our sales team.

Optional Extras

  • Fluoro colours + $50

  • Non-standard colour scheme + POA

  • Ballast Set + $79.99

  • 8-degree wing joiner (1) + $29.99

  • IDS Set to suit flap/aileron installation (1) + $25

  • IDS servo installation at the factory (1) includes frame and labour (no servo incl) + $100

  • Servo installation into the fuselage (2) no servo incl + $79.99

  • Model can be ordered with a 30mm nose cone at no extra cost

  • The factory can supply and install servos at competitive prices

First of all thanks to our good friend Philip Kolb for designing yet another exceptional model in the F5J world. He was not influenced by various fads in the F5J scene and used all his knowledge, experience and the best available software to construct the amazing PIKE PRESTIGE 2PK PRO.

To this we added the full rohacell core to the design, the whole model is made in heated aluminium moulds to a very high temperature. This technology creates a light, strong and stable platform that will provide years of flying.

The nose is removable. It is made longer than needed and can be shortened ( max. 100 mm) according to engine weight and lipo. Install equipment and shorten nose to fit preferred CG. The original nose has a diameter of 32 mm. It is designed to fit cheap and reliable outrunners for lighter versions. We also produce a nose cone with a slimmer diameter of 30 mm to suit smaller, slimmer motors.

The servos and receiver are located in the fuselage under the centre wing panel therefore there is enough space in the front for the motor, controller and lipo. Battery size from very small and up to 2300mah can be used as much care was taken to design a very thin but almost square fuse in the front area.

Increasing the wingspan is the most effective way to optimize the performance (L/D) of an airplane. Therefore, the first measure in the design of the Prestige 2PKPro was to increase the wingspan to the maximum of 4000mm allowed. At the same time, a careful redesign of the airfoil section promised further performance gains.

For this purpose, it was necessary to make the airfoils even thinner in order to save additional drag, especially in the medium-lift coefficient range.

Over large extents of the outer wings, the airfoils are now 0.3% thinner than on the Prestige 2PK, culminating in a tip airfoil being only 5.8% thick anymore.

This measure mainly results in better legs and thus gains performance when hunting for a thermal or returning home from far downwind.

The complete wire harness is pre-built into the centre panel and the central connector plug is pre-installed. The wire harness for the fuselage is also delivered ready-made.

Servo compartments in the wing are laminated on all sides with carbon fabric, so a very strong box has been created where the IDS system from can be mounted. We recommend installing IDS for KST X10 mini, MKS 6130 for flaps and MKS 6110HV in the tips. For the fuselage, suitable servos sized like MKS 6110 HV work well.


4000 mm
Wing Area
81.26 dm2
Aspect Ratio
Surface Area X-Tail
88.59 dm2
Surface Area V-Tail
90.10 dm2
FAI minimum weight X-Tail
1063 g
FAI minimum weight V-Tail
1081 g
Wing Sections
PK-1162f (7.4%) - OK-N-1168f (5.8%)