We went down to the Hallett Cove Skate Park to shoot some footage with the Arrma Infraction. We were lucky enough to get a sample of this remote control car to put it through its paces, and let us tell you, it is an amazing car!

Phenomenal performance, phenomenal speed - the RC car will smoke the tyres doing donuts it has that much power and torque. We were probably putting it in a place where it shouldn't be, jumping and bashing it, doing everything that you probably wouldn't want to do to a car that you have just purchased, but we did to see what it can handle and it has come through beautifully with no damage aside from some scuffs to the body.

ARRMA Infraction RC Car

Unfortunately, we haven't had the first shipment of the Arrma Infraction yet, however it is available for pre-order! (available early August-2019) If you are serious about wanting one, we highly suggest pre-ordering as they are going to be an extremely popular RC car in high demand on first deliveries.

With the Arrma Infraction we've been using the Prime RC hardcase LiPo batteries. These are available on our website in 2-cell, 3-cell and 4-cell in varying capacities. These come with EC5 connectors which are perfect for all the Arrma RC cars and the 50C battery as well, so they have enough discharge rate to handle the high-power setups in the Arrma vehicles. These Prime RC batteries are on special when purchasing with an Arrma vehicle - whether you're buying 3-cell, a 4-cell or multiple batteries.

Speaking of specials, the Losi Tenacity is $200 off now. It is a hell of a lot of fun, great for bashing at the BMX track, skate park or ripping around parks. The Chevrolet Blazer is also on special, so there are some great deals to be had coming into tax time! Spoil yourself with the extra money and buy something nice for yourself.