New and improved 4WD RC bashers from ARRMA

We're going to cover a couple of new releases from ARRMA that have just arrived – the Talion and Typhon. They're fantastic and exciting cars, so let's get into it and show you the differences between these 2019 specs and the older cars.

The Talion and the Typhon 2019 Spec both have some updates from the previous 2018 version. The most notable updates are the change to a Spektrum radio system and the use of the new IC5 connectors. Like their predecessors, these cars come in an almost ready to run configuration. Both the Talion and Typhon can take up to 6S power and that's what ARRMA provides, super-fast cars that are extremely durable, designed to bash and take anything you can throw at it. Both RC cars come pre-built with radio gear and a Spektrum transmitter. All you need to add is a battery, charger and ideally a LiPo safe charge bag. A four or six cell LiPo battery would be suitable for both cars; a four-cell battery would be more ideal for beginners or drivers with less experience, while a six-cell battery will provide you with the most power and speed.

4WD RC Basher

Both cars have very similar running gear, electronics, motor and power, but the size of the cars is vastly different. The Talion is a little bit wider, has wider arms, wider drive shafts, a longer chassis and a larger body shell to cover most of the components. The Typhon is a smaller package with a smaller wheelbase, drive shaft, arms, a shorter chassis and designed for the speed run stuff. The Typhon has been popular among those individuals who want an affordable RC car with a lot of power, speed and outstanding performance.

What's new in the Talion RC truggy?

ARRMA Remote Control Truggy

Many upgrades have been made in this 2019 Spec of the Talion remote control truggy. The low-drag rear-wing has been upgraded and a tower to tower shock brace has been added to help with the rigidity of the car and to minimise any damage that could occur to the chassis in the event of a high-speed prang. Some basic changes they've made to the maintenance of the car include a new sliding motor mount and an easy-access centre differential that you can access with the removal of five screws.

Another great feature that Arrma provides is their new ‘never-pop’ pivot ball joint. The screw that is used to secure the steering link to the Ackermann link has a pan head on the base of it which helps prevent the ball cap from popping off in the event of a crash. The aluminium servo saver has also had an upgrade - Ultimately when an adjustment nut comes loose, the car steering becomes sloppy and not very precise. Arrma have developed a system where you set the servo saver to the required preload on the spring. There is no adjustment nut, meaning it will never come loose.

The Typhon now comes with a Spektrum STX2 and an SRX200 receiver as well as new IC5 connectors. It includes the jumper, so pre-set you can either run two 2S or 3S batteries, or you can run one 4S or 6S battery. If you're running the dual batteries, you would use both plugs and remove the jumper and if you are going to run the single battery, you will install the jumper and then plug straight into one of the leads. This lead is handy as it is compatible with Spektrum’s line of smart batteries which give you some extra feedback and is compatible with the EC5 connectors which will plug straight in the IC5 connector.

The Typhon buggy is back, better than ever

RC 4WD Buggy

The Arrma Typhon RC buggy has had some of the same upgrades as the Talion including the full Spektrum STX2 and SRX200 receiver, IC5 connectors, never-loose servo saver, never-pop ball cups, sliding motor mount, upgraded low-drag rear wing and easy access centre differential.

A nice feature from ARRMA is that they include an aluminium steering servo horn as standard on the car, out of the box. When you look at the RC buggy in detail you notice how chunky and durable it looks. Arrma have put a lot of effort into the design of the little things such as the aluminium shock caps, aluminium servo saver, sway bar mounts, ball links and the spring not ever being able to come loose. These just add to the durability of the buggy and puts the Typhon a step above a lot of other ready-to-run cars. Overall a fantastic update on an already very successful remote control car with some new additions to increase not only the durability but also the ease of maintenance and a change to the electronic side is always sure to see you in control.

We hope you enjoy these new 2019 Spec RC cars from Arrma as much as we do. As always, if you have any questions do not be afraid to contact us through our website, social media or call us on (08) 8186 4250.