• Introducing Spektrum DSMX: True Evolution

    Announcing the Latest Innovation from Spektrum  Spektrum launched the 2.4GHz RC revolution and remains the leader of it for one simple reason – RC is our sole focus. It’s why Spektrum has made more innovations in RC in the last 5 years than anyone else. DSMX is just such an innovation. It is a new, frequency-agile evolution of Spektrum™ 2.4GHz technology that matches the consistently superior speed and data capacity of DSM2 with the most advanced frequency shifting algorithm to date. The result is the fastest, most precise response in heavily congested 2.4GHz environments you will find anywhere. httpv://youtu.be/QaoXipp_288 A Solid Foundation: Wideband DSSS DSMX is built on the same foundation as...

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  • Spektrum DX3R Pro Racing System Just Announced!

    Spektrum DX3R Pro Racing System Just Announced!
    Drive like a PRO with the DX3R Transmitter Radio System from Spektrum... High-End Software. Drive Like an Expert.  The DX3R PRO Surface Car Radio is packed with first-class software, including servo speed adjustment, ABS, traction control and 50-model memory. It’s marine-compatible and comes with four timer functions—including a rolling lap timer. When it's time for software updates, the DX3R PRO's SD card...

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