Here is a review that will win over the hearts of scale RC fans. Chuck T. Seeker took his ParkZone SE5a for another flight and was able to put together a video review. This RC plane has high historic value. The original SE5a was a legendary plane of the World War I era, flown by aces from America and Britain. Interestingly, the ParkZone SE5a also has great historical value for Chuck. He first maidened this plane 20 months ago in July 2011 and in this demo film, Chuck revisits this classic model.   You can watch this review video below:  

  As you can see, the SE5a flies as well as it did during its Maiden. Like Chuck mentioned, it has not undergone any modifications, with the exception of the wooden prop he installed. Even the stock 1800mAh LiPo battery is still in use. The overall quality of this ParkZone model is clearly evident.  

  In terms of characteristics, Chuck noted that the ParkZone SE5a is a slow flyer. At low and high rates, this RC plane is quite maneuverable. Taking off and landing is also quite smooth. As Chuck mentioned, however, it is wise to use full-up elevator to get the SE5a off the ground. The up elevator should also be applied when landing.  

  Needless to say, Modelflight is happy to have supplied Chuck with his ParkZone SE5a and we are glad to see that it is still flying high. If you are also a fan of scale World War I RC planes, we would encourage you to check out the SE5a for yourself. With its machine gun, exhaust and cockpit details, this model cuts an impressive figure. Complete with an authentic World War I trim scheme, this Z-Foam-constructed RC plane looks incredible in the sky. Thanks once again to Chuck for another great review. Keep your eyes on this blog post as we continue to bring you RC reviews of the latest and greatest models available.