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  • Delta Ray One RC Plane has arrived at Modelflight

    Delta Ray One RC Plane has arrived at Modelflight
    Learn how to fly with the Delta Ray One A brand new and fantastic product from E-Flite is the Delta Ray One. Some of you may be familiar with the Delta Ray, which was a previous model from HobbyZone, with a dual motor unit that they have used for inspiration in the new variant. It was a delta wing style with a cockpit up the front. E-Flite have changed the aircraft a little and offered it in a fantastic “learn how to fly” RC Plane. The Delta Ray One is a bit of an all-new design, with a pusher propeller instead of the dual motor, E-Flite have also reduced the size...

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  • Great Gifts for Kids at Modelflight

    Kids Toys for the Air and the Ground Whether your child is celebrating their birthday or you are looking for a Christmas gift, we thought it would be helpful for us to put together some gift ideas for your kids. Modelflight has a great range of remote control (RC) products and several of them would make for fun kids toys. Even if your child has never used an RC product before, you will find these toys to be easy-to-use and tonnes of fun. For more options, you can have a look at our gift ideas page. Gift Ideas For The Air To start off, we'll look at the Blade Scout CX, which is the perfect introduction to helicopters. It comes with everything you need to get in the air and is made for use indoors. This heli is incredibly stable and so easy to fly that you'll feel like a pro after just a few minutes of flying. If you...

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