Kids Toys for the Air and the Ground

Whether your child is celebrating their birthday or you are looking for a Christmas gift, we thought it would be helpful for us to put together some gift ideas for your kids. Modelflight has a great range of remote control (RC) products and several of them would make for fun kids toys. Even if your child has never used an RC product before, you will find these toys to be easy-to-use and tonnes of fun. For more options, you can have a look at our gift ideas page.

Gift Ideas For The Air

To start off, we'll look at the Blade Scout CX, which is the perfect introduction to helicopters. It comes with everything you need to get in the air and is made for use indoors. This heli is incredibly stable and so easy to fly that you'll feel like a pro after just a few minutes of flying. If your child is keen to take to the skies, here is a way to help them get there.

Blade Scout CX Heli

The next aircraft is the HobbyZone Sport Cub S! It has a bold appearance and its performance is just as mesmerising. The Sport Cub S has been designed for beginners. It is equipped with Sensor-Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) Technology. SAFE is innovative software built into the plane that allows new pilots to return the plane to stable flight at the touch of a button; a great safety mechanism for those who are still learning to fly. If you are looking for a birthday present idea, this would be one of the best!

HobbyZone Sport Cub S

If your child is wanting the best of both worlds, you can't go past the Blade Inductrix Switch. With its unique design it can be transformed from a hovercraft to a drone, and vice versa, in a matter of seconds with no tools required. The EPP foam skirt and moulded plastic design make the Inductrix Switch durable when crashing into walls or from the sky. It features SAFE Technology for beginners and everything you need in the box to get you started.

Blade Inductrix Switch

Gift Ideas For The Ground

Let's look at some birthday present ideas on wheels! Remote control cars are always a hit and these following vehicles are perfect for kids. We'll start by looking at the Rage RC R18MT. This kid's toy knows no bounds! If you take this RC car to the rockiest terrains, it will live up to its name. Given its affordable price and easy driving characteristics, it will make for a great present idea. 

Rage RC R18MT

The ECX AMP Monster Truck - this is definitely one for the adventurous kid! It has waterproof electronics and comes fully assembled. Not only is it unbeatable in durability and performance, but it also comes with everything you need to kick up the dust! 


Next up is the ECX Barrage UV Scaler. This micro RC truck is a great gift for kids! It's affordable and comes fully assembled. It's suitable for indoor use, but you can also adventure outside and tackle dirt paths and puddles with its waterproof electronics! It also comes in an FPV (First-Person-View) version, but this comes at an extra cost.

ECX Barrage Scale UV Crawler

We hope this selection of RC quadcopters, planes and cars has given you some new gift ideas. If you are looking for kids toys, we would highly recommend the products we have just mentioned. They are very entertaining, easy to use and have great prices too. For the young and the young at heart, the world of remote control offers many treasures! Please make sure to always read the manual before use, and don't be afraid to contact us with any questions you may have.