New releases from Nürnberg Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014


Vaterra, ECX, ParkZone and Blade have just released new products at the Nürnberg Toy Fair.
For more update from Mike at the 2014 Nuremberg show, click here.


Blade 200 SRX Blade 200 SR - 2014 Blade 300 CFX Blade 300 CFX
Super cub Plane HobbyZone Super cub ParkZone Artizan ParkZone Artizan
ECX Torment 4WD ECX Torment 4WD ECX Circuit RC Truck ECX Circuit 2014
Vaterra Ford Raptor Vaterra Ford Raptor Vaterra Mustang 2014 Vaterra Ford Mustang
Spektrum DX18 Spektrum DX18 Spektrum DX6 Receiver Spektrum DX6 Radio
Losi LST XXL 2 Losi LST XXL 2 Losi 5IVE Mini WRC Losi 5IVE Mini WRC
Phoenix V5 Flight Simulator Phoenix V5 Flight Simulator HobbyZone Super Cub S HBZ Super Cub S
E-Flite Allusive Plane E-Flite Allusive E-Flite Ultra Micro Radian E-Flite Ultra Micro Radian
Blade 200 QX Blade 200QX Pro Boat Rockstar Pro Boat Rockstar
New 350QX New Blade 350QX

Updated from Mike, live from Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014