Jets Over Monarto 2022

Jets over Monarto took place at Adelaide Model Aerosports, Monarto over the weekend of 26-27-28 August. This event is the post-covid version of Jet Action that had been an annual event for over 25 years.

The field was in perfect condition with closely mown grass on all sides of the north-south sealed strip. We were blessed with sunny weather and a northerly wind for all 3 days. 25 pilots and over 40 turbine and EDF-powered models were present, including something nostalgic (OS 25DF powered Mirage) and something very different (turbine-powered Ultra Stick 30cc). Gallons of Jet A1 were burnt and several hundred successful sorties were flown. A big thank you to the AMA Club and event organisers Greg Leigh and David Wearing-Smith.

Hangar 9 Ultra Stick RC Plane