Blade mCP X BL and 120SR - Chuck's Indoor Demo Videos
One month into 2013 and Chuck T. Seeker has already produced some excellent RC plane videos.  In the last few weeks, we have blogged about Chuck's unboxing, review and demo videos for the ParkZone VisionAire and E-Flite Carbon Z Yak 54.  Today, we wanted to focus on what Chuck described as "something completely different" - his indoor demo videos featuring the Blade mCP X BL and 120SR. Chuck's first video was captured at our indoor flying event a few weeks ago.  It features Hamish flying the mCP X BL for the first time.  As any cameraman would tell you, keeping up a 3D pilot like Hamish is no mean feat!  Well done to Chuck for being able to capture this remarkable RC heli in all its glory. If you haven't seen this video already, it is embedded below: As you heard from Hamish, this brushless mCP X is a powerful helicopter.  Its 8100Kv tail motor also packs plenty of punch.  Big thanks to Chuck and Hamish for putting this amazing video together.  If you wanted to see more of Hamish's heli demos, we have put together a playlist on Modelflight's YouTube channel called Hamish and His Helis. Chuck's next video is a lot of fun!  In this clip, he flies the Blade 120SR inside his own house. This video certainly proves how durable the 120SR is!  The video can be seen below: By his own admission, this video was definitely a crash course in flying for Chuck.  Rest assured, the Blade 120SR is designed for pilots who are ready to learn about single-rotor flying.  As you would have seen in the video, it is a very stable heli, but it still gives you the agility to move freely around indoors (or outside).  Irrespective of the number of minor accidents you have, the 120SR will help you reach the next level in flying RC helicopters.  As Chuck pointed out, his experience with the 120SR enabled him to move on to larger helis. So whether you are a relatively new pilot or a pro 3D flyer, Blade helicopters have a large range to suit any skill level.  Thank you once again to Chuck for creating these fantastic videos.  Be sure to follow our blog posts as we continue to write about exciting RC products.