If you’re into Rock Crawlers with scale detail, you’ve come to the right place. A few brand-new arrivals from Axial and Carisma Scale Adventures are here, and we’re excited to tell you about them. Let’s get into it.

Axial’s amazing 6-wheel RC Crawler

6-wheel Rock Crawler

With fantastic scale detail, and great features, the brand-new Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 Crawler not only looks great but has the performance to match. This 6-wheel RC crawler comes in a convenient Ready-to-Run package (battery and charger sold separately) and is built around the proven SCX10 II chassis. It has a tandem axle, properly driven both sides, high rise pinion gears, to give you some more ground clearance, and some other subtle changes to the SCX10 chassis - it's obviously a little bit longer with some modifications.

The Axial UMG10 6x6 is controlled by the STX2 Spektrum radio with an SRX200 receiver and a waterproof Spektrum steering servo that is mounted over the front axle along with the battery tray to keep the weight over the front wheels when you’re crawling up steep hills and inclines. Axial have provided a water-resistant 35T brushed motor, and the waterproof Dynamite brushed ESC gives you the option to run this crawler with a LiPo or NiMH battery, whichever you prefer, that is compatible with an IC3 connector.

Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RC Crawler

Axial have gone over and above with the scale features on the UMG10 6x6 RC Crawler. Some of these details include a snorkel, mirrors that swivel in and out, two-piece truck bed, 1.9 military-spec wheels and tyres, windscreen wipers, rear roll cage and LED lights, just to name a few.

The Axial UMG10 6x6 RC crawler is sure to exceed your expectations out on the trails proving that six-wheels are better than four.

1976 Ford F-150 replica from Carisma Scale Adventure

The Ford F-150 Pick Up Truck from Carisma Scale Adventure is the second generation of the SCA-1E chassis line which includes the Coyote and LYNX ORV. Officially Licensed from Ford, the highly detailed 1976 F-150 body features moulded scale details including chrome windscreen wipers, front and rear bumpers, highly detailed split design grille and mirrors. This fantastic-looking crawler has some great articulation and performance on the trails. The forward-mounted battery position and chassis mounted servo, alter the weight-bias to improve its ability to climb steep inclines.

1976 Ford F-150 Model RC Car

Not only is the Carisma SCA-1E Ford F-150 a capable crawler, but it is also quite durable. If there are any parts that do need replacing, it is all standard 1/10 scale gear using a Carisma brushed ESC, brushed motor, steering servo and transmitter.

The SCA-1E Ford F-150 is a true ready-to-run model as it comes with everything you need to go crawling including FHSS 2.4GHz radio gear, A NiMH stick pack, a USB trickle charger and even AA batteries for the transmitter, making it a great option for those who are wanting to get into the world of RC crawlers.

Axial Capra 1.9 Crawler kit

Another new release from Axial that we have received is the Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Crawler Kit. As the name suggests, this comes in a kit form so unlike the ready to run cars that we've covered previously, the Axial Capra needs to be assembled. This kit is perfect for advanced hobbyists, or for those who like building something and putting a bit of a personal touch on it. All you receive in this kit is the chassis and manual, and you will need to add your own electronics, mounted tyres and radio gear.

Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Crawler

The Capra 1.9 UTB Crawler’s performance is certainly to match. One of the great features include the high pinion gear, and portal axles, that raise the height of the axle, providing you with additional ground clearance to get you up and over those steep trails with obstacles. Axial have added a new transmission that includes a Dig function, and - with the addition of a micro servo - you can assign a switch on your transmitter to lock the rear axle, changing the Capra from a 4WD to a front-wheel-drive in an instant. This will provide you with a much tighter turning radius for those tight corners on a trail where you need to manoeuvre the RC crawler in a small space.

We had the privilege of receiving one of the Capras to shoot a build video and a demo video. You can check these out on our YouTube channel by clicking the links.

All in all, another fantastic release from Axial that is sure to please hardcore crawler enthusiasts.