Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E Lynx ORV RTR, No Longer Available

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People dragging their feet in your neighbourhood? Taking a bite out of passers-by? You could have a zombie apocalypse on your hands. No need to fear…just get yourself a 1/10th scale SCA-1E Lynx ORV RTR by Carisma.


  • Adjustable weight bias, geometry and wheelbase
  • Full scale detailed, LED ready bodyshell
  • Double triangulated 4link suspension and solid axles
  • Centrally mounted transmission and 35T motor
  • High precision engineering and parts
  • Full width, LED ready, roof mounted lightbar
  • Rear bumper equipped with shackles and tow hitch
  • Front bumper equipped with winch and shackles
  • Quality metal geared, high torque steering servo
  • High grip tyres and bead lock wheels
  • Solid hard case spare tyre carrier on rear
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS radio control system
  • Trail ready layout with steel Csection ladder chassis
  • Waterproof, LiPo safe ESC with crawler mode
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Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E Lynx ORV RTR, No Longer Available

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Product Information

This highly scale detailed Outbreak Response Vehicle (ORV) is packed with features to help you outrun, run over, or run through the living dead and away to safety. Whether you’re on the asphalt or on the rough stuff the Lynx ORV and its permanent 4x4 drive system is equipped to deal with just about anything.

RTR (Ready to Rundown)

When the streets are teeming with the undead and the living turn to their surviving leaders there will be a response! This will come in the form of specialist military personnel in small teams who will begin the task of making the streets safe again in their heavily armoured Lynx ORV’s. Equipped with high tech and huge firepower these hybrid 4x4’s are everything you want when you need to go out zombie hunting.

Along with brilliant scale detail Carisma have also equipped the SCA-1E Lynx ORV with locked axles, a C-section ladder chassis and 4-link geometry for starters. You can make your own adjustments depending on your ride preference with adjustable ride height and weight bias changes available to the driver in case you find you have too many zombie corpses stuck in your rear diff or bumper bar. It's the ideal rock crawler!

The full time 4x4 drive system in the Lynx ORV is powered by a high torque 35T motor, locked diff’s and gearing that allows the Lynx to get up, over, or down any terrain you may encounter. You won’t miss any opportunities to mow down the undead with the high torque steering components ensuring you stay on target while the 4-link suspension with oil filled, threaded big bore, coil over shocks ensure a smooth ride with only the occasional crushed zombie skull causing your latte to wobble slightly in the cup holder.

Designed to Survive Any Onslaught

Even those sneaky zombies with some semblance of intelligence left won’t stand a chance of getting close to you in the Lynx ORV with optional LED downlight buckets and a high intensity light bar ensuring you see the walking dead from miles away.  A snorkel equipped engine and waterproof cab ensure that you can take to the canals (or creeks) to evade or chase down any decomposing targets that try to get away.  

The Lynx ORV allows for easily adjustable weight bias and has true beadlock wheels with multi-terrain tyres to accommodate aggressive driving both on and off road. Adding to the scale detail of this elite zombie killing machine are a spare tyre carrier, rear view mirror, GPS/dashcam and roof rails. The decal job on the Lynx ORV is very distinctive and its livery will become feared by the walking dead wherever it may roam.  


Approx. 2200g (with included NiMH Pack)
Skid Clearance
75mm (adjustable)
480mm (varies by model)
230mm (varies by model)
280mm (adjustable)
210mm (adjustable)

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