AVC, What’s all that about?

Ever had an R/C car that was too fast to drive in a straight line? Struggled on loose surfaces? Lost the back end going around corners? Well not to worry, Spektrum has you covered with its proprietary AVC (Active Vehicle Control) technology, allowing beginner enthusiasts to control high powered cars with a level of precision that was previously unattainable.

AVC works by utilizing accelerometer’s and sensors inside the receiver to give feedback about the cars movement and relative position. This feedback is then taken and turned into a steering and throttle input. The input will apply throttle and steering correction to keep the car pointing in the direction you choose, these corrections are made so fast that you’re unable to feel them whilst they work seamlessly behind the scenes to provide a driving experience that is precise and controlled.

Not only can the AVC system be of benefit for rough and rugged terrain but it can also help when doing large jumps. Once you’re lined up to hit a ramp you can punch the throttle and not have to worry about the car deviating from its line; it's solid as a rock! It is also a great learning tool to help drivers progress with their skills from novice to experienced driver. All the RTR cars that Include AVC have the gyro gain sensitivity assigned to an adjustable rotary knob. This means that you can change how much “Assistance” the AVC technology is giving you on the fly, to put that into a real-world example, if you’re driving on multiple surfaces i.e. gravel and pavement, for example, you would likely want more assistance on the loose gravel and less assistance on the grippy pavement.

The addition of AVC technology has been most beneficial to high powered 2WD vehicles, previously these cars were limited in ability and manouverability but with the addition of AVC, you get the feeling of not only more traction but more precision and manoeuvrability. If you have to suddenly avoid an obstacle then the AVC technology will sense the cars sudden movement and make the necessary corrections to help keep you pointing in the right direction, normally this would cause you to lose the back end of the car, especially in a 2WD vehicle.

Although the AVC technology is not legal in competition, Spektrum have included the ability to bind the system with AVC OFF in case you would like to inhibit the technology. This is ideal for competition and will allow you to enter a race meet without breaking any rules. Given how much easier a Gyro can make a car to drive, the use in the competition would be totally unfair and a huge advantage.

AVC technology has pushed car performance and driveability to the next level. Spektrum have given the user the ability to decide how much assistance they need based on the terrain they’re driving on and their skill level, a great aid for every R/C enthusiast!