How AVC Technology Works in RC Cars

The last few weeks have been very exciting for RC car drivers with the release of the Vaterra Halix monster truck and the Losi TEN-Rally X. One feature that these vehicles have in common is a new innovation from Spektrum, Active Vehicle Control (AVC); the topic of our blog post today. AVC is designed to help you drive faster with greater control. Using a combination of sensors and software algorithims, this Spektrum technology adjusts a car's steering and throttle output at a rate faster than humanly possible. This makes RC driving easier to manage.   Heading Hold and Throttle Management   There are two components that underpin AVC: Heading Hold and Throttle Management. Let's look at each in turn. Heading Hold manages your steering output by automatically keeping a vehicle's tyres aligned in the direction you choose. Irrespective of the traction or the ruggedness of the ground, if your steering wheels get knocked around by the impacts of the terrain, this technology will precisely maintain the vehicle's direction when steering is returned to the centre. And all of this occurs in a response time that is faster than the most professional RC car driver. With Heading Hold technology, you will be able to drive faster, confident in the RC car's complete control.   Throttle Management works in conjunction with Heading Hold to automatically adjust RPM to help bring the vehicle's rear in line with the direction you want to drive in. This minimises the chance of wheel spin and tail slides. By maintaining maximum grip in the most challenging environments, Throttle Management will give you important traction when you need it the most.  

The AVC Experience  

So how can AVC help you when driving? Let's look at some common scenarios. For example, you have to make a sudden turn to avoid an obstacle. AVC can read your command inputs and sense your car's trajectory. By making as many as 180 steering and throttle corrections per second, this technology will keep your remote control car precisely on the path that you command. All this occurs so quickly that it feels completely natural. There are no lags in response or limits on your control. You will feel like you are driving an expertly-tuned car that handles smoothly at any speed.   Secondly, AVC can help you tackle the biggest jumps. All you have to do is line up with the ramp and hit the throttle. Heading Hold will keep you aimed right down the middle, no matter how fast you are travelling. Additionally, Throttle Management delivers great results when you hit the throttle at the apex of a turn or driving on a slippery slope. In both instances, Throttle Management will help you maintain maximum trajection.   We hope this blog post answers all your questions about AVC Technology. If you had any other questions, feel free to leave us a comment below or you can visit our website to contact Modelflight. We are very excited about the release of AVC. It is an exciting development in RC cars and trust it will give you a driving experience like no other.