Welcome back! We're going to take you through a recent delivery from Phoenix Models and highlight some of our favourite models.

Phoenix Model Aurora

First up we have the Phoenix Model Aurora 46 a 55 sized nitro aircraft that can also run on electric, so depending on what your preference is you can kit this aircraft out how you feel. It’s a sport aerobatic low wing model that is great for F3A style flying.

Phoenix Model Boomerang 60

Next up we have an old faithful, the Phoenix Model Boomerang 60 size, a fantastic trainer for those looking to get into the world of model flying. Again, you can fit this out with either nitro or electric power and like all these kits, it’s an ARF, so you will need your own radio gear and transmitter, but the Boomerang would be a great choice if you're just starting out in flying.

Phoenix Model Tiger 3

Next we have the Phoenix Model Tiger 3 a 15cc model which can also be run on electric. This is a great low wing trainer, so might be a good candidate for transition into your second aircraft. The model is very stable, has nice flight characteristics and is easy to assemble.

Phoenix Model Bergfalke

The Phoenix Model Bergfalke is a 1:5 scale 3.3M ARF glider. These are New for us and they look great, and in typical Phoenix fashion, offer quality materials and workmanship. Once again, a model that can be powered electrically. Stock is limited on these so get in quick if that’s something that is your interest!

The Phoenix Model Scanner

The Phoenix Model Scanner. A staple to RC aircraft hangars and a fantastic low wing trainer. At any model field the scanner, as well as Boomerangs, will be flying around, and there's a good reason for that. They have great characteristics, are easy to fly, and great to learn low wing RCplanes.

Phoenix Model Classic

The Phoenix Model Classic is a 46 - 55 size trainer, so a slightly smaller wingspan than the Boomerang, very similar style RC Plane though. A high wing trainer which is fantastic for those learning how to fly.

Phoenix Model Mitsubishi Zero

Moving on to warbirds, we have a Phoenix Model Mitsubishi Zero, again 46 - 55 size nitro, with the option of kitting it out in electric format as well. This model has great scale detail so would be an excellent option for all any scale warbird fans.

Phoenix Model Typhoon

Now one of Andrew’s favourites, the Phoenix Model Typhoon. A nice, mid-wing aerobatic model with clean lines and a tricycle landing gear so very easy to land. This model is a great performer and ideal for a third aircraft.

Phoenix Model Slick 580

Lastly, but certainly not least, the BIG 60 cc size Phoenix Model Slick 580. Fantastic for those wanting to do unlimited aerobatic. This RC aircraft has a lot of power as well as control authority, and can do anything you put it upto. The aerobatic possibilities are limitless. All in all – an excellent model!

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