New Releases from Parkzone, Blade & E-flite
It's been a big day for new releases at Modelflight, with Horizon Hobby releasing 3 great models from top brands ParkZone, E-Flite and Blade Heli. Parkzone Mini Vapor Slow Flyer Plane With a wingspan of only 8.7 inches and a flying weight of just under a third of an ounce, the ParkZone® Mini Vapor® slow flyer is the perfect size for navigating indoor spaces that might be a bit too tight for other ultra micros. Its compact presence and precise, 3-channel DSM2®/DSMX® control make it possible to deftly maneuver around furniture, light fixtures and other obstacles without bumping into a thing. Even if you do, the Mini Vapor will fly away from most mishaps unscathed because of its slow speed and miniscule mass.   E-flite Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Plane The E-flite® Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic, designed by aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini, has been specifically built to provide exceptional precision and 3D aerobatic performance so that you can fly from a convenient location such as a park or small field. From its carbon fiber-reinforced, hollow-foam construction and super sub-micro, high-speed digital servos to the accuracy of Spektrum™ radio technology, the result is a 3D thoroughbred with the rich character of a scale aerobat. But what really motivates this park flyer and gives it a unique 3D edge is the power behind its custom-built Q-Power system. Its specially-tuned and propped 280 BL, 1800Kv brushless outrunner motor provides unbridled power for both vigorous 3D agility and exciting high-speed flight so that you can perform any maneuver with an exhilarating punch. Get a taste of flying like one of the Red Bull Flying Bulls with this officially-licensed Blade® Red Bull BO-105 CBCX RC helicopter! It comes flight-ready with everything you need, including the transmitter and batteries, in one box. The best part is that it’s so easy to fly, anyone can do it! Best of all, its just $89.99 from modelflight