New Release! E-Flite UMX Habu 180 DF RC Jet

Fans of RC jets, take note. E-Flite has just announced the launch of the UMX Habu DF 180. If it looks familiar to you, that’s no surprise. It is modelled on the very popular Habu 32 park flyer.  In the same shape as the original, the key difference is that its ultra-micro size means that this ducted fan jet is small enough to fly in your own backyard.  And boy, does this UMX Habu pack a punch! It features an EDF power system, incorporating the Delta-V 180m 28mm EDF Unit, coupled with a brushless 180m Ducted Fan Motor, with 11750Kv of power.


Check out this video where Mike takes us through the brand new release of the UMX Habu.  You can also watch on Modelflight’s YouTube channel:



One of the key features of the UMX Habu is its AS3X technology. You will feel like you are
in control of a much larger plane with this innovative, stabilisation feature. Additionally, AS3X allows you to experience a smooth flight, even in moderate winds. This model jet has performance linear servos which are designed to give you better response and control and even on the ground, the Habu’s steerable nose gear gives you great ground handling.


If you would like to learn more about these features (and others), Matt covers them in his UMX Habu un-boxing and review video below:



This E-Flite jet has a striking appearance. With its high visibility trim scheme, it can be easily seen up in the air. E-Flite has also engineered the intake and exhaust ducts to eliminate the need for cheater holes. Furthermore, you have the option of removing the landing gear, giving the plane a clean look in the air.


This RC jet comes with a full 4-channel operation straight out of the box and because it is a Bind-N-Fly model, there is no assembly required. To complete this model, you will need to source your own transmitter, battery and charger. As a guide, Modelflight has compiled list of items you need to complete the UMX Habu. This can be found in the “Need to Complete” section of the UMX Habu’s product page.


This is an exciting new release from E-Flite. Offering the versatility of an ultra-micro, combined with the power of a ducted fan system, the UMX Habu is a great choice if you enjoy the thrill of EDF RC jets. Order yours now.