Event Review – Indoor Flying in Adelaide, November 2013
A fun night of indoor flying was held last night at ETSA Stadium, Adelaide. There were around 30 pilots and spectators in attendance and, once again, a variety of models were on show. Of particular interest was the new Blade 180QX. This RC quadcopter was very stable in the air, thanks to the included SAFE Technology. Similar to the 350 QX, this quadcopter comes with an on-board camera, which certainly came in handy last night, as we were able to capture some great footage from the sky. If you haven't already seen this footage (along with the other video highlights we captured), check out our video below:  

  As you can see, the 180 QX is very smooth in the air and was able to film all the action of the event. If you are looking for an RC quadcopter this Christmas, we would highly recommend this one. While we are on the topic of quadcopters, Mike was able to take the tiny Nano QX for a spin last night. This is a great quadcopter for beginners. It is extremely lightweight and with SAFE Technology it can be controlled easily.   In this video, you would have also seen some great 3D performances from a few RC plane pilots. We cannot recall a time when there were so many aerobatic planes in the air simultaneously. It certainly was a thrill to watch (and makes us wonder whether these indoor flying events will play host to synchronised aerobatics teams in the future). These planes were definitely a highlight.   If you are keen to join us at indoor flying, the next event (and final session for 2013) will be held on December 19 at ETSA Stadium. We hope to see you there. If you can't make it, be sure to keep your eyes on Modelflight's YouTube channel (and this blog). We will have the event covered on all fronts. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!