E-FLITE V1200 PNP SETUP (from Model Flight Team pilot Stephen Turna)

Equipment used: Spektrum iX12 transmitter, Spektrum AR9020 receiver, Prime RC 6S 5200 LiPo Battery

C of G:  approx. 124mm (120mm for my liking was “too” on the nose-heavy side from handling and feel)

Control Throws No Dual Rates:

AILERON (at root): 10mm

ELEV (at tip): 9mm

RUDDER (at tip): 11mm



ELEV: 15%


MID DOWN: 12mm/ approx. 1.5mm down elev

FULL FLAP: 22mm/ approx. 3mm down elev

2 seconds transition time (servo speed)



AILERON:  R -95/ L 85

ELEV: DN -85, UP 105

RUDD: R -100/100


- Line up into wind.

NOTE: The model tends to transition to the RIGHT initially when the throttle is applied slowly. Get off the power if so and line back up with rudder to proceed.

- Hold a slight amount of UP elevator (to avoid a nose over).

- Due to the High Pitch & High Torque performance I hold approx. ¼ stick RH aileron deflection accompanying the ELEV deflection to avoid any adverse torque reactions once the model has left the ground.

- Slowly advance the throttle holding the ELEV and AIL as above and correcting with the RUDDER as required, then with no more than ½ throttle the model will be able to be flown out flat (with no flap). Bring the gear UP and add throttle as required to fly out.

*DO NOT attempt take off with FULL Power*


The V1200 is landed in the same method as a Pylon Race Model.

Fly past downwind , Break Left or Right as per applicable at your field and the throttle can be transitioned to IDLE & allow the residual airspeed and propellor residual thrust to carry the model thru the base turn and onto finals with ease.

Line Up, do not balloon or “porpoise” the ELEV. Add throttle (If required).  Slight gentle flare to the ground & hold slight UP ELEV on roll out.

Flaps can be used, but I have personally not required to as using the method just described allows all airspeed to be bled off accordingly and allows a smooth, appropriately sped landing.

From flying the V1200 in my experience, they really deliver the goods, and the model handles lower speeds with no bad tendencies. They can be considered for use in a tighter flying environment, but in the wide open spaces the V1200 really gets up and goes!