Vaterra Kemora - Review and Demo Videos
In our next post on the new range of Vaterra cars, we will be covering the Kemora.  The Kemora is named after the 1.7 mile serpentine track near Vetili, Finland.  The Kemora is one of Scandinavia's most challenging rallycross courses.  It is only fitting then that the Vaterra Kemora is strong enough to endure the most challenging environments. This detailed 1/14-scale replica of the cars that dare to take on the Kemora track is a fantastic addition to the Vaterra range.  We are pleased to be able to bring you a review of this RC car, in a new video added to our YouTube channel.  In this film clip, Mike reviews the Vaterra Kemora (along with the Kalahari) and discusses the features that make it an off-road champion: As you would have heard, the Kemora is a brilliantly-engineered vehicle.  With its tough 4WD chassis and 4-wheel independent suspension, it can handle the elements with ease.  But don't just take our word for it!  We have also added a demo video to our collection, showing the Vaterra Kemora in powering ahead at its peak: No doubt you are as excited as we are about this new release.  And rightfully so.  Like the Kalahari, the Kemora comes with a chassis dust cover and waterproof electronics, allowing it to handle the off-road conditions. The Vaterra Kemora  is powered by a Dynamite 4500Kv brushess power system.  When equipped with a optional 3S LiPo battery (sold separately), the Kemora can reach speeds above 75km/h. So if you aspire to be like the brave drivers who take on Finland's toughest course, let Vaterra take you there.  The Kemora is your outdoor adventurer waiting to be unleashed.  It is available now from Modelflight for $299.99