Un-Boxing & build of Parkzone's Albatros DVa
Our friend Chuck has been busy with the Parkzone Albatros DVa WW1 RC Plane this week - kindly creating this un-boxing and build video. Here, Chuck takes a look at what is in the box and gets all the parts out so we can all have a nice close up look! In his second clip, he focuses on the build of the Parkzone Albatros DVa - here's what he thought: "It is a quick easy build and i think most will have it together a lot quicker than the SE-5a went together and that was an easy build too Well after we have built our Parkzone Albatros DVa, there's only one thing left to do! so keep an eye out for Part 3 "The Maiden" when our preproduction WW1 plane takes to the skies in search of adversaries" Chuck.