TSA Model Infusion 700E and JR XG14 - A Review From Hamish Scott

This is a special guest post from RC helicopter pilot, Hamish Scott. If you would like to see Hamish's skills in action, please visit our YouTube playlist "RC Helicopter Action Videos with Hamish."

G'day Blog Readers,

After a year off from flying I am getting back into it and I am more pumped than I have ever been before. With a big thanks to Modelflight, once again I will be returning into flying this year with some great new products.

xg14 radio

I will be flying this year with the new JR Propo XG14 DMSS transmitter and TSA Model helicopters more specifically the 700 electric series.

The JR XG14 is my favourite JR transmitter to be released to date. Visually it looks stunning. The feel in your hands is great, the programming is simple as well as having so many different programming features not only for helicopters but for fixed wing as well.

tsa 700e helicopter

The TSA 700 Infusion is another great product that I am proud to be flying. It has a couple key features that I would like to share. The overall design is simple with a very little parts count which makes original assembly and rebuilds from crashes quick and enjoyable. Another key feature that helps build a lot of confidence when pushing it is how strong the parts are. I have clipped the tail on the ground of my 700E hard during some aggressive low stops and it only broke tail blades without hurting the tail gears at all usually resulting in a crash.

700e rc helicopter

I'm excited to be flying these new products. Stay tuned for more regular videos and images and I look forward to seeing you at events soon.

tsa model helicopter

If anyone has any questions about any of the products that I am flying I will do my best to help you out.