The Gratton Air Invitational Model Plane Event is Coming Soon
In case you haven't already heard, Australia's largest ever RC event is coming very soon! The Gratton Air Invitational will be held on February 14-17 at Gratton Field, Calvert, Queensland.  Over 4 massive days, the event will host competitions and trade vendor displays.  On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will also witness midday air shows from two of the world's best - Team Horizon pilots Ali Machinsky and Mike McConville. The Gratton event will play host to a large variety of model aircraft.  These will include world championship scale models, the world's largest flying Catalina and large-scale pylon racers, just to name a few. Gratton Air Invitational Some of the other appearances at Gratton will be large-scale gliders, extreme jets flying in excess of 321km/h, 3D helis and 4x4 competition buggies. The Gratton Air Invitational is a well-structured event.  It will facilitate for five different principals of flying and driving. These are scale, pylon, 3D helicopter, DLG discus launch gliders, and 1/8th 4x4 off-road.  Each principal will have a winning competitor.  The winner will be the individual who ammasses the highest aggregate score based on the combination of scores at the conclusion of the event. If you are on Facebook, we have set up an event page for the Gratton Invitational. Additionally, we recent uploaded an album of photos to Modelflight's Facebook page showing our preparation for the event.  This is a great album showcasing a range of model planes including the Hangar 9 Super Decathlon, Sukhoi SU-26MM and the brand new E-Flite Carbon Z Splendor. The Gratton Air Invitational Model Plane event promises to be one of the most exciting RC Aircraft events in Australia this year.  We will keep you posted with further coverage, images and video from the event, so stay tuned for more.