Bringing Budget-Friendly Computer Radios to the Masses Spektrum has certainly brought a number of innovative features to RC'ers over the years. From the original DSM add-on module systems that freed people from frequency control and interference to the DX3 which introduced us to the first all-in-one Spektrum radio system. Spektrum has taken another leap forward in recent years with advancements like ModelMatch, DSM2 and Marine Technology. The time has come to bring these advanced features to the entry level crowd, all while mixing in a 20-model memory, computerized operation, exponential rates and much more. The result is the amazing DX3C which has features that far surpass its competition. The DX3C may be classed as a beginner or entry-level radio but don't be fooled - there's a lot going on inside its case. Featuring a sharp and easy-to-read LCD display, scrolling selector operation, 20-model memory and integrated SD Card Slot just to name a few, the DX3C could be a contender for radio of the year- it's that good. Spektrum's Surface Radio Project Manager Blake Good paid us a visit to share some of the outstanding features this radio brings to the table.