Dualsky Hornet and Blade 350QX RC Quadcopter Reviews
The recent release of the 350 QX from Blade has certainly put RC quadcopters in the spotlight. These remote control models are great fun and offer great stability in the air. Modelflight has a wide range of quadcopters available (please refer to our RC Quadcopter Buyer’s Guide for more details) and we wanted to write some RC quadcopter reviews for two of the most exciting models in this category: the aforementioned 350 QX and the Hornet 460 from Dualsky.   The Dualsky Hornet 460   The Hornet 460 from Dualsky has many great features for the RC quadcopter pilot. At the core of this model is the Dualsky FC430. This advanced flight control system comes with a MEMS 3-axis gyro; giving you excellent control in the air. The Hornet is powered by four Dualsky XM2830CA brushless motors; offering more power than the Blade 350 QX. The Hornet also comes with LED lights, so you can even fly at night time.   On Modelflight’s YouTube channel, Matt did a review video for the Dualsky Hornet, which you can see below:  

  As Matt highlighted, Modelflight offers two versions of the Dualsky Hornet.  The first version comes with a Dualsky 2200mAh ES LiPo battery.  The second version comes with an upgraded FC450 flight control system and a camera mount. Bear in mind that both versions of the Hornet come as PNP models, so you will need to provide your own transmitter and receiver to complete the model (Version 2 will also require a battery).   There are a range of hop ups and accessories that you can buy for your Hornet. The camera mount in particular is a great choice if you opt for the first version of this quadcopter. It can be easily installed on the quadcopter and is compatible with GoPro, mobile phone and other cameras. If you want a taste of Hornet aerial filming, check out the video below:  

  The Hornet is a powerful remote control quadcopter; a quality which is on display in the below action video:  

  Version 1 of the Dualsky Hornet (with the bonus battery) is available from Modelflight for $329.99. The second version with the FC450 control system and camera mount can be purchased for $349.99.   The Dualsky Hornet 460 – Summary  
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Optional camera mount can be used with a wide variety of cameras
  • Two versions available
  Blade 350 QX   The Blade 350 QX is the ideal GoPro quadcopter. It comes with a pre-installed GoPro camera mount, so you can attach your camera and get right into aerial photography and/or filming. One of the key features of 350 QX is its SAFE Technology. This technology gives the quadcopter excellent stability in the air, allowing you to easily capture footage on the fly. With SAFE Technology, the 350 QX offers 3 different flight modes: smart mode, stability mode and agility mode. You can set the mode based on your skill level and how agile you want the 350 QX to be. If you would like to learn more about these different flight modes, check out our blog post on the Blade 350 QX.   Matt recently reviewed this RC quadcopter in video below. In this review and action video, you will also see some on-board footage we captured with a GoPro camera.  

  One of the other innovative features with this remote control quadcopter is GPS and pressure sensors. This allows the 350 QX to hold its GPS position and altitude according to your commands. It is also capable of returning to a pre-determined “home” position on the ground if radio frequency is lost or you accidently lose orientation. It’s these high tech features which separate the 350 QX from Dualsky Hornet. This really is the most innovative RC quadcopter currently available.   The 350 QX is powered by a 1100kV brushless motor and comes as a Bind-N-Fly model, so you will need to supply your own transmitter and battery charger. The Blade 350 QX is available from Modelflight for $499.99 and, in our opinion, is the best RC quadcopter for aerial photography and filming.   Blade 350 QX – Summary  
  • Innovative SAFE Technology with three flight modes
  • “Return to home” feature
  • Excellent for aerial photography and filming
  Our Pick for Best Technology: Blade 350 QX. Buy the Blade 350 QX now.   Our Pick for Most Powerful: Dualsky Hornet. Buy the Dualsky Hornet now.   We hope these reviews help you choose a great RC quadcopter. Both the Blade 350 QX and Dualsky Hornet are great models and each has their own advantages over the other. Depending on the type of quadcopter flying you want to engage in, you will find these models have the features you need. If you have any questions about the Hornet, 350 QX or any other RC quadcopter, feel free to leave a comment below or you can visit our website to contact Modelflight. Stay tuned to our blog for more news and reviews from the world of RC.