ProBoat RC Boats: 9 Inch Impulse and Blackjack Just Released
We had some very exciting news from ProBoat today. They announced the release of smaller-scale versions of their popular RC boats, the Blackjack and the Impulse. Both these boats are now available in 9 inch sizes (small enough to fit in the palm of your hand), but they still offer the surface streaming performance that you have come to expect from all ProBoat RC Boats.   Let's look at the Blackjack first. This RC catamaran is powered by a 180-size brushed motor and comes ready-to-run with a Dynamite 7.2V 260mAh NiMH battery (ProBoat have also included a peak AC charger). Its 9 inch hull length gives you a flexible range of uses. Whether it's a pool, lake or pond, you will find the Blackjack can power across many surfaces.   Blackjack RC boat Included with the Blackjack is a 2.4GHz Pro Boat radio system and a waterproof steering servo. Additionally, the flat panels of this RC boat improve the Blackjack's handling. These panels, combined with its injection-moulded plastic hull, give the Blackjack crisp lines and a great appearance.   Similar to the Blackjack, the Impulse features a 180-size brushed motor and a Dynamite 7.2V 260mAh NiMH battery (with peak AC charger). This Deep-V boat is made from a 9-inch injection-moulded plastic hull, giving the Impulse a sharp appearance. Combined with its flat panels, this RC boat certainly stands out on the water.   The 9 inch Impulse comes completely ready-to-run with a 2.4GHz Pro Boat radio system and a waterproof steering servo.   Irrespective of whether you choose the 9 inch Impulse or Blackjack (or both), you will find that these RC boats give you hours of high-speed fun. Both of them are coming soon to Modelflight, so visit our website today to find out more.